Stewart Acuff

Jan 9

What Would Dr. King Do? – Part 3

Many of us have seen the bumper sticker or have been asked the rhetorical question, “What Would Jesus Do?”

In this time that we honor and celebrate Dr. King we should ask ourselves and others What Would Dr. King Do?

So what would Dr. King do today in America? I believe we can look at his adult life and his words in speeches, articles and books, and get a pretty good idea what Dr. King would be doing today.

We know Dr. King would be in full campaign mode about poverty in America and inequality here and around the world. He would speak, preach, and write about it.

  • Dr. King would be marching with minimum wage fast food workers, Walmart workers, and low wage workers wherever they were standing up and speaking out and showing courage.
  • Dr. King would have worked right alongside the labor movement to resist the corporate and governmental assault against workers and the labor movement over the last 35 years.
  • Dr. King would have called for passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, because he believed in the power and justice of workers organizing.
  • Dr. King would rail against the Radical Right and their attempt to roll back history, especially their blatant attempts to roll back voting rights that were only won at the great cost of blood and suffering and sacrifice. He would say now what he said in the early 1960’s that the enemies of workers and unions are also the enemies of people of color.
  • Dr. King would have already presided at the wedding of a same gender couple, because he believed first in love and justice for all people.
  • Dr. King would be sick about the violence and easy access to assault guns domestically and the casual attitude the country has taken to 14 years of war and occupation in the Middle East.
  • Dr. King would be happy about the election and re-election of President Obama and the acceptance of African-American political power and total involvement by most Americans.

But he would not be satisfied. He would not be satisfied with the lack of change. Dr. King would be angry at the cozy relationship among former warriors for justice and Wall St. that has hurt America so badly.

As the prophet he was, Dr. King would be preaching, teaching, and acting for social justice and plain, unvarnished, clear truth.

Dr. King would challenge me AND you to answer a higher calling — a calling to fight for what is right and righteous, what is just, to resist the soft and easy ways, but to practice the hardest kind of love — love for all.


Photo source: Minnesota Historical Society

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