Stewart Acuff

Sep 27

We were right! Real Refs are going back to football!

Yesterday in this space we predicted, the real NFL football referees would be back to work and the ridiculous, arrogant, brain dead NFL owners and management would end the lockout because of the huge mistake made by replacement refs on the last play of the Monday night game. Replacement refs very obviously stole the game on the last play.

We were right. Refs and management are back at the table and the real refs are expected to work the Thursday night game and all of Sunday’s games.

Thank goodness – smoother games, justice for refs, fewer injuries, and better games.

Now if the rest of the corporate world would come to their senses…


Stewart Acuff is America’s best-known and foremost labor organizer. He is the former organizing Director of the AFL-CIO. Acuff has also written two books: Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, and Getting America Back to Work, coauthored by Dr. Richard Levins.

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