Stewart Acuff

Jun 19

We Need A Food and Farm Bill, Not Just An Antiquated Farm Bill

Many of us know that in the last three or four decades major agribusiness corporations have taken over much of America’s farm land and production.

Our nation’s traditional farm legislation was designed to protect and promote family farming.

Ironically, most of America’s farm assistance goes to those who don’t need federal aid. Maybe that’s why their class and political allies say they don’t believe in government. After all, they rip off all of us. Why wouldn’t they think everyone who gets federal assistance is ripping off all of us?

Even more ironically, the Farm Bill now working its way through Congress would cut the Food Stamp Program, sending more of our 50% of kids who live in or near poverty to bed night after night hungry.

How can the radical Christian right in their odious piety demand to deny children food when they give billions to agribusiness corporations who care for nothing but their profits?

We need a Food and Farm Bill that includes substantial increases in Food Stamps, decent wages, and the right to organize to the people who deliver the bounty of this rich land – farmworkers, restaurant workers, processors, warehouse folks, truckers, and Walmart workers. Together we must stop starvation in America.


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