Stewart Acuff

Nov 2

We must win next Tuesday with a SUPER MAJORITY!

I just saw a report this morning that the early ballots in a heavily black precinct in Miami were mysteriously destroyed by “a computer glitch.” The radical Rightwing Republicans who tried to reinstate the old south Jim Crow Poll Tax, identification requirements for the old, the young, people of color, and other potentially majority democratic constituencies will stop at nothing to try to steal this election!

That is why we must win this Tuesday with a SUPER MAJORITY, especially in places like Ohio.

As you make plans for the weekend, please remember that you are needed to knock on the doors of your neighbors and coworkers, and remind and urge them to vote.

We must turn out every possible President Obama and democratic voter.

We have said since the spring that this election will be won or lost by whichever campaign has the most effective ground and street operation.

Our structures are in place – Obama for America, organized labor, democratic party state operations.

But it is up to ALL OF US to make sure the structures for getting out our vote are staffed at capacity.

Did you hear that Newt Gingrich sent out a communication predicting an Obama victory? I’ve known Gingrich since 1986-ish, and he has always been undependable to friend or foe. Remember how he dragged out the Republican primary process with Sheldon Adelson’s money?

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