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Mar 27

This much needed work would create jobs in America!

The American Society of Civil Engineers¬†(ASCE) say America would have to spend three and a half trillion dollars to bring our nation’s infrastructure up to a grade of B.

The ASCE gave our infrastructure a grade of D+ this year.

Our crumbling infrastructure is a drain on our productivity, a cost to our people and our families, and a hidden cost to business.

While John Boehner’s sequester madness drains the country’s budget making life harder on all of us – especially our veterans who now have a much harder time accessing needed medical and other services at the Veterans Administration, our infrastructure is crumbling beneath us.

The Federal Aviation Administration now says THEY WILL HAVE TO CLOSE 149 AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL TOWERS BECAUSE OF THE SEQUESTER and our infrastructure is crumbling beneath our feet.

We now have two hugely immediate opportunities to put Americans to work:

1) End the sequester. Put federal and other public employees back to work. Do not allow the ridiculous sequester to destroy 700,000 federal jobs.

2) Begin a serious, multi-year productivity increasing, good job producing national infrastructure investment in the future of America.

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Image source: U.S. National Archives and Records Administration via Wikimedia Commons

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