Stewart Acuff

Oct 11

The Veep Debate

With polling indicating that the presidential race is essentially even, we are all waiting and watching for the vice presidential debate tonight. There are high expectations for both Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.

Our ground game is clearly rockin’ in probably the most important state in the country. Wanna know why Republicans are working so hard to suppress the vote and frustrate the franchise? Almost 20 percent of voters in Ohio have already voted and, of those, the vast majority have already voted for President Obama.

Our ground troops are already getting out our base! That effort has to grow and needs to build.

We will win this election with our ground game. All of us have to be part of this effort. President Obama is still winning this election with solid leads in Virginia and Ohio.

So with our work before us clear and our goal and victory within reach, we all wait for tonight’s vice presidential debate. We know both Joe Biden and Ryan are energetic and vocal. They both have a deep understanding of the issues and deep core beliefs.

Of course, Paul Ryan is part of the foundation of the Radical Rightwing Republican majority in the House of Representatives that has frustrated every one of the President’s efforts to create jobs and dig us out of this economic crisis since they took the majority in 2010. Ryan will have a very hard time becoming the lying machine that Mitt Romney was in the first debate.

And in Joe Biden, we have a real hero of America’s working class and middle class. Expect Biden to fight hard for the ticket and for progressive values.

At the end of this day, the election will be where it is as I write this – the election depends on turnout and the ground game. And that leaves the election in our hands.

If you haven’t already, spend a couple of bucks, and get a copy of my book on organizing Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, and enjoy tonight’s debate.


Stewart Acuff is America’s best-known and foremost labor organizer. He is the former organizing Director of the AFL-CIO. Acuff has also written two books: Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, and Getting America Back to Work, coauthored by Dr. Richard Levins.

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