Stewart Acuff

May 2

We Must Organize Immigrants

I know that you and everyone else reading this supports progressive immigration reform. We all support workers rights and know that the right of all workers are inextricably connected–especially by labor markets that more

May 1

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, my brothers and sisters and comrades here in the US and around the world. Today is the day we celebrate our solidarity and struggle and the victories won through struggle by

Mar 21

The Commonwealth Foundation wants to kill our middle class

The opinion piece by Elizabeth Stelle of the Commonwealth Foundation is full of the lies and half-truths characteristic of the radical right-wing. Keystone Progress and The Center for Media and Democracy recently released a report

Mar 5

Mobilizing in the Streets!

Riding on our justice bus from Pittsburgh to Philly as I write this. The Service Employee Union mobilized thousands of their members and activists, other unions including us from 1199, clergy, and all kinds

Jan 31

We’re on the winning side of history!

In the very first Congress of the Civil War, President Lincoln said democracy itself was at stake, promising not just a system of government, but a promise of economic opportunity and SOCIAL JUSTICE. “This is

Dec 18

The New Agenda of the Radical Right-wing Republican Party

Seems like it was just weeks, maybe months ago that today’s Radical Right-wing Republican Party’s agenda was to cut the Big 3: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And surely those right-wingers continue to want

Dec 17

Global Justice: Holding Walmart Accountable

10 months ago I was privileged to go to British Columbia, Canada to do a week of training and speaking as the British Columbia labor movement geared up for provincial elections. I had the

Dec 16

WTO Evil

We as progressives have talked about greed for 35 years. We watched in disgust as right-wingers took up the line from the movie Wall Street, “Greed is good.” And we watched the worship of money

Dec 13

WTO: Evil in Trade, Starving Folks for Profit

As I write this I am sick to my stomach. A new WTO (World Trade Organization) agreement may be reached this week that restricts the right of developing nations to subsidize large farming populations

Dec 6

Brother Cornel West and inequality

Those who read this blog regularly know that with all my faults, I am a person of faith. That is my disclaimer. What you may not know is that I’ve long been a fan of

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