Stewart Acuff

Dec 9

The Top .01 Percent are 220 Times Richer Than the Average American.

As I’ve been trying to document in this space, inequality has a dangerous and corrosive effect on our lives, our economy, our kids, and what’s left of our democracy. That inequality is also why

Nov 20

New Documentary About Organizing and Mobilizing Farm Workers

My great friends at the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, including Greg Asbed, who’ve been organizing farm workers in South Florida just released a documentary called “Food Chains.” The doc exposes the poverty and suffering of

May 16

What Unions Mean to My Family

Bobby Emery, Jr. is a union electrician and someone I’ve worked with for ten years. His 17 year old son Bradley Emery wrote “What Unions Mean to My Family” and I wanted to share it with

Mar 5

Mobilizing in the Streets!

Riding on our justice bus from Pittsburgh to Philly as I write this. The Service Employee Union mobilized thousands of their members and activists, other unions including us from 1199, clergy, and all kinds

Mar 3

Koch brothers, Pennsylvania, and a Victory of Sorts

When the year began, the Koch boys and the radical right-wing Republicans in the Pennsylvania state legislature had a plan to quick hit the labor movement with their legislation to deny dues deduction to

Dec 18

The New Agenda of the Radical Right-wing Republican Party

Seems like it was just weeks, maybe months ago that today’s Radical Right-wing Republican Party’s agenda was to cut the Big 3: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And surely those right-wingers continue to want

Aug 28

Winning the Debate on Fox

Even in control of the microphones, cameras, and questions, we can win the debate on Fox News and Fox Business on their own turf! We can get them on the facts and on the

Jul 18

The Heat’s on Walmart

Yesterday we reported on the silly and desperate Walmart lawsuit against the United Food and Commercial Workers, other workers rights organizations, and a single activist, Gene Lantz. Now, the Washington, DC City Council has voted

Jul 17

Walmart Sues Individual Activist for Standing Up for World’s Most Exploited Workers

The world’s largest and most oppressive corporation in the world, Walmart, has sued Gene Lantz (pictured below), a retired union activist, for standing up for the victims of Walmart, some of the most oppressed

Jul 8

Supreme Court Scrutiny of ‘Neutrality’ Pacts Could Be Another Blow to Unions

This blog was written by Bruce Vail, and republished from In These Times with permission. The U.S. Supreme Court announced this week that it will accept a case for review next year on the use of

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