Stewart Acuff

Sep 25

Organizing Public Employees in the South

The Tennessee United Campus Workers, an affiliate of the Communications Workers of America, held their annual convention in Nashville last Saturday. I was privileged to attend, speak, and talk about Playing Bigger Than You

Sep 9

Labor Radio First Thing in the Morning

It is 6:55 am and I’m in the studio of the radio station in Shepherdstown, WV. Now I’m listening to Elmore James do one of America’s best blues songs “Dust My Broom.” Now it

Aug 9

Some of the Costs of Part-time Work

In Prescott, Arizona 19 members of an elite corps of wild firefighters were overrun by a massive wild fire and killed. They were hailed as heroes all over America. And, of course, they were

Jun 27

New Support for Infrastructure Work and Development

Monday night I was on David Calef’s great radio show Inside Politics when he shocked me with a new poll. Gallup, often thought of as a Conservative and Republican polling firm, had just come

Jun 4

New Evidence of Disastrous Economy for the Middle Class

New data shows that during the height of America’s depression-recession from 2007-2009, AMERICAN FAMILIES LOST $16 TRILLION. THAT IS MORE LOSS THAN ANYONE EVER REALIZED. EVEN WORSE, AMERICAN FAMILIES HAVE ONLY RECOVERED 45% OF THEIR

May 29

A Farm Bill Labor Can Support

By Dr. Richard Levins and Stewart Acuff Is anyone following the farm bill that’s limping through Congress? We’re not and we doubt that you are, either. In our opinion, the farm bill is pretty much

May 28

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

In this space, I have often over these past few years talked about the complementary needs to connect America’s crumbling infrastructure with the need for investment and for jobs. In the past few days, we

Feb 11

We Need a Global Network of Unions

Today I leave for British Columbia, Canada to conduct a training of the Canadian Labour Congress’ senior organizers. They’ve already bought both my books to use as textbooks. I am very excited to spend

Nov 8

Our Beautiful Electoral Victory!

The second morning from our beautiful electoral victory – don’t know which morning is sweeter – yesterday when I loved the huge victory, but was a sleep deprived zombie, or today with some sleep

Jun 18

“Doing God’s Work” a new blog from Dr. Richard Levins

This is cross-posted from Levins Publishing written by Dr. Richard Levins Greg Smith worked his way up from a summer intern, through the New York office, and finally became Executive Director at the London office of

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