Stewart Acuff

Feb 19

Raising the Minimum Wage, Raising America

The Congressional Budget Office released it’s report yesterday on the anticipated effects of an increase in the minimum wage. 16.5 million people would get a much needed raise. “CBO also found that raising the

Oct 24

Republican Fallout

75 percent of Americans now say Republicans don’t deserve re-election, and 50 percent of Americans would vote Democratic if elections were held today according to a recent CNN poll. Now, it is a year before

Aug 9

Some of the Costs of Part-time Work

In Prescott, Arizona 19 members of an elite corps of wild firefighters were overrun by a massive wild fire and killed. They were hailed as heroes all over America. And, of course, they were

Jul 29

President Obama Hits the Trail to Put Forward an Economic Vision

President Obama is finally rejecting the economic arguments of Radical Right-wing Republicans and strongly putting forward an economic agenda that we have long known we need to get out of the economic ditch. The

Jun 20

The Odious Farm Bill

The odious Farm Bill working its way through Congress rewards wealthy agribusiness while taking food out of the mouths of children by cutting food stamps. This Bill also rewards sugar agribusiness and American Crystal,

Jun 4

New Evidence of Disastrous Economy for the Middle Class

New data shows that during the height of America’s depression-recession from 2007-2009, AMERICAN FAMILIES LOST $16 TRILLION. THAT IS MORE LOSS THAN ANYONE EVER REALIZED. EVEN WORSE, AMERICAN FAMILIES HAVE ONLY RECOVERED 45% OF THEIR

May 30

Inequality, Economic Recovery, & the Health of Our Planet

We in the U.S. are rightly worried about the global economic crisis caused by Wall Street’s reckless investment practices in 2007 and 2008. Wall St. destroyed $50 trillion in the world’s wealth, $7 or

May 8

America Aspiring to Greatness Again

Last week was very busy! I had two radio interviews, and a great long television segment on Thom Hartmann’s May Day show on RT America. Thom not only plugged my Busboys and Poets book

May 7

Neoconservative Hawks are Beating Their War Drum Again…

The same neoconservative war hawks are stepping up their calls for war in Syria. There is an awful civil war in Syria. It is not clear that US involvement in that war would mitigate the

May 6

Creating a More Just America

My good friend Ed Martin just sent me an important article from Reuters reporter Chrystia Freeland analyzing a poll that shows more and more Americans fear falling out of the middle class. The middle class

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