Stewart Acuff

Aug 15

Changing Lives, Changing America

We need a huge movement in America to reclaim democracy and make our economy work for everyone. But building movements means changing minds, hearts, and lives. As a way to do that, the Tennessee labor movement

Jul 22

Henry Nicholas: Leavin’ Mississippi

The day the 17 year old Henry Nicholas decided to leave Mississippi the heat was a physical presence making every step an act of will, making each breath shallow. He had no place to

Jul 17

Unions on the March

District 1199C has just finished negotiating very tough contract re-openers in 38 of Philadelphia’s biggest and most important healthcare institutions. It was a fight President Henry Nicholas and the leadership of the union prepared

Jul 15

Germany: Highlights From the Winners’ Playbook

By Stewart Acuff and Elizabeth Arnold I’ll admit I caught World Cup fever. Today I woke up early and braved the crowd at Brandenburg Gate in hopes of a glimpse of the German team upon their

Jun 2

Organizing Now

We’re focused on organizing all over America at 1199. And President Henry Nicholas is pushing growth and power. President Nicholas knows that we can’t grow our strength and bargaining power without organizing and growing our

May 20

Labor Creates All Wealth

Alison Lundergan Grimes reaffirmed her commitment to workers and to organized labor just before primary day in Kentucky. Grimes will face labor hater Mitch McConnell in the general election this fall. “Labor is the source of all

May 16

What Unions Mean to My Family

Bobby Emery, Jr. is a union electrician and someone I’ve worked with for ten years. His 17 year old son Bradley Emery wrote “What Unions Mean to My Family” and I wanted to share it with

May 8

A. Philip Randolph: A Remarkable Man

I had the pleasure and the privilege of speaking at the Michigan A. Philip Randolph awards at Michigan State at the invitation of my dear sister and great trade unionist, Anita Dawon, President of

May 7

Don’t Boo, Organize!

I love that phrase–Don’t Boo, Organize!! Recently President Obama was in Ann Arbor, Michigan campaigning with Congressman Gary Peters who is running to fill Senator Carl Levin’s seat that he will vacate to retire. The

May 2

We Must Organize Immigrants

I know that you and everyone else reading this supports progressive immigration reform. We all support workers rights and know that the right of all workers are inextricably connected–especially by labor markets that more

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