Stewart Acuff

May 27
Acuff’s Speech at IBEW Local #47’s ConferencePlay

Acuff’s Speech at IBEW Local #47’s Conference

Here’s my recent speech at IBEW Local #47’s 2015 Annual Stewards & Safety

May 25

Reclaiming American Values and Truth

With summer coming it’s time for us all to start thinking about how working people and progressives can reclaim American traditions, values, and truth. We should all think about how to celebrate Independence Day and

May 23

Bernie Sanders is for AMERICA

I’m fixing to deal with some grown up truth right now and I’d appreciate it if you’d hear me out. Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders¬†is my friend and my candidate for President of the United States. Even

May 20

Acuff on Neil Cavuto’s today talking about the #FightFor15 Protests!

Today I’ll be on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on Fox News at 4pm ET talking about the #fightfor15 protest at the McDonald’s HQ in Oak Brook IL! Image

May 18

Senator Bernie Sanders and 17 Colleagues Urge Obama to Lift Wages

President Obama has been stymied by radical right-wing Republicans in the effort to raise the minimum wage. Of course, the $10 amount is not enough. We need the minimum wage to be doubled at

May 16

University Adjuncts, Walmart Associates

Something very disturbing and destructive to an active democracy is happening on the campuses of our colleges and universities. More and more of the teachers are not professors, but academics paid below the poverty

May 7

Bernie for President!

Most of you know that Senator Bernie Sanders and I have been friends and cohorts in various worker struggles for over ten years. We first became friends when the Senator was a very early and

May 1

Happy May Day!!

Happy May Day!! Today is the real workers’ day celebrated around the world as May Day!! Today let us honor our martyrs like Dr. King, Cesar Chavez, Walter Reuther, and every worker who’s ever fought

Apr 16

“I’ve worked for McDonald’s for 22 years”

Apr 16

Fight for $15: National Day of Action

1199 President Henry Nicholas led hundreds of low wage workers and their allies in chanting, “We’re In It To Win It!” in Philly City Center on April 15, the National Day of Action for

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