Stewart Acuff

Mar 25

Wages Are a Choice, Not Determined By the Market

We have all heard some employers and right-wingers say that wages are determined by the labor market, some kind of human supply and demand. Yet recently, we reported that Walmart announced two upcoming wage increases

Mar 24

Bernie Blasts Away at Republican Budget

In his new role as minority leader on the Senate budget committee, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is blasting away at the Senate’s budget, which came from the radical right-wing Republican majority. Bernie issued a

Mar 19

One Effect of the Supreme Court’s Tortured and Mangled Logic

Because of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United, the Republican primary campaign for President is a virtual tsunami of cash. The Koch Brothers have been reported at one time to intend to spend

Mar 18

The Illinois Governor’s Assault on Unions

You would have to know the Illinois labor movement and the Chicago Federation of Labor to fully understand the seriousness of the new governor’s assault on organized labor. Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to ban public

Mar 16

Congressman John Lewis and Voting

“We have never solved a problem in this country with less democracy, and so the persistent efforts from some in political power to restrict the right to vote should be a call to action

Mar 12

Time to Blow All the Arguments for Right to Work Out of the Water

My friend Ross Eisenbrey of the Economic Policy Institute just wrote a great column in which he debunks or destroys every argument I’ve ever heard for right to work laws. Right to work (RTW) is

Mar 11

Obama Blasts Scott Walker for Signing Anti-Union Right to Work for less bill

We know right to work is bad for workers. The 11 bottom states in wages in America are right to work states. When we were trying to stop right to work in Oklahoma, we

Mar 6
Kicking Ass for the Middle Class

Kicking Ass for the Middle Class

My friend Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, most labor union rank and file activists, and most of you reading this are right. If we work as hard as it takes to get a

Mar 5

ADT Locks Out IBEW Union Workers Because They Are In the South

Demanding a 30 percent cut in pay after nearly two years of bargaining, home security giant ADT has locked out 19 workers who voted for IBEW representation in North Carolina. It may seem ironic to

Feb 27

Struggle and Spirituality

My friend and 30 year union and community organizer and labor educator Victor Narro has just released a brand new book I can’t wait to read called, Living Peace: Connecting Your Spirituality With Your

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