Stewart Acuff

Aug 8

Labor Day is on the Way

Labor Day will be here before we know it. This is an important year to remind all Americans of what workers and their unions have done for America and all our people. Given the assault

Jul 13

Why I’m Working Hard For Bernie

There are a lot of great reasons that I’m working as hard as I can for Bernie Sanders. But the two most important reasons I’m committed to Bernie are named Samuel Martin Acuff and Sydney

Jul 3

Bernie Sanders CAN Be President

If you believe Senator Bernie Sanders: has the best ideas has values that connect to yours cares about you and your family has proved his integrity over a lifetime of public service then you have a responsibility to speak

Jun 26

Trade Unionists Back Bernie for President!

Over 1,000 local union leaders and members back Bernie Sanders for President! Grassroots labor initiative urges Democratic primary support for Sanders by AFL-CIO and national unions Over 1,000 union activists from around the country today kicked

Jun 22

Three Economists Speak Out Against the TPP

Three very important economists have made important statements regarding the TPP. Larry Summers, who almost always favored neoliberalism and trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, said, “What we call trade agreements are in fact agreements

Jun 10

Bernie Sanders’ momentum continues to surge

A straw poll conducted at the Wisconsin Democratic Convention gave Sanders 41 percent support, making him a close second behind Hillary Clinton. Yes it’s only a straw poll in one state, but with every bit

Jun 2
Bernie Sanders is one of usPlay

Bernie Sanders is one of us

Senator Bernie Sanders shares our political values. Senator Sanders has worked on our issues. Sen. Sanders has worked to build a real grassroots political movement in his home state of Vermont. For trade unionists

May 31
Labor for Bernie!Play

Labor for Bernie!

Bernie Sanders – The President We Need

May 30

1199 President Henry Nicholas to Kick Off Major Labor-Environmental-Community Forum

On Tuesday June 2nd, iconic 1199 President Henry Nicholas will kick off a major forum at the Electricians Local 98 Union Hall in Philly. The forum will include trade unionists, environmentalists, community activists, clergy, people

May 27
Acuff’s Speech at IBEW Local #47’s ConferencePlay

Acuff’s Speech at IBEW Local #47’s Conference

Here’s my recent speech at IBEW Local #47’s 2015 Annual Stewards & Safety

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