Stewart Acuff

Apr 16

“I’ve worked for McDonald’s for 22 years”

Apr 16

Fight for $15: National Day of Action

1199 President Henry Nicholas led hundreds of low wage workers and their allies in chanting, “We’re In It To Win It!” in Philly City Center on April 15, the National Day of Action for

Apr 14

New NLRB Rule – a Victory for Workers

The National Labor Relations Board is implementing a very significant new rule that will limit employer retaliation, terminations, and interference when workers seek to form a union in their workplace. It is long overdue and

Apr 14

Low Wage Workers in New York Win

Car wash workers recently won their ninth union in New York. The “carwasheros” at Vegas Auto Spa in Park Slope will also receive raises, a $1500 per person signing bonus, and a grievance procedure. The

Apr 13

My Speech at the Promoting the General Welfare Conference

This conference for the general welfare at the University of Nebraska Omaha, which my friend John Kretzschmar organizes and conducts every year, is always exciting and inspiring. They bring together some some of the best

Apr 2

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia Fights for Economic Justice

Chicago progressive mayoral candidate Jesus “Chuy” Garcia is working and rallying with the Fight for 15 movement, the Chicago Teachers Union, and the Service Employees International Union for a $15 minimum wage. They have just

Apr 1

Those Who Brought You the Global Financial Crash Continue to Wallow in Our Money

Those folks on Wall Street who brought you the Global Financial Crash continue to wallow in huge bonuses, despite their lack of accountability and responsibility. They received $28.5 BILLION in bonuses on top of

Mar 31

Union busting creates and sustains poverty

“If we can’t have unions and we can’t raise the minimum wage, how can we lift people out of poverty through work?” asked Melissa Harris-Perry on her MSNBC show. That is the question and

Mar 30

Technology and Redistribution

“The two sectors of the economy harboring the most professionals — health care and education — are under increasing pressure to cut costs. And expert machines are poised to take over. We’re on the

Mar 25

Wages Are a Choice, Not Determined By the Market

We have all heard some employers and right-wingers say that wages are determined by the labor market, some kind of human supply and demand. Yet recently, we reported that Walmart announced two upcoming wage increases

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