Stewart Acuff

Nov 18
Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture Rumble & The TPPPlay

Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture Rumble & The TPP

Wow, what a night!! Friday night I was on Thom Hartmann‘s great television show as a member of a panel to discuss several topics. Check out the video above. My segment on The Big

Nov 15

A New Vision of America

We progressives have much to do. It is not enough for us to stand aside and let the teabaggers destroy the radical right-wing Republican Party from within. We have values and principles we need to

Nov 6

ALEC: Turning Greed Into Law

“Nothing is more harmful to workers than when plutocrats and their legislative marionettes are feeling their oats and turning greed into law,” so says Gordon Lafer in an important report he did for the

May 23

Sickening Radical Right-wing Hypocrisy

When I was a union organizer in my early 30’s building the Georgia State Employees Union – SEIU 1985 in the late 1980’s – I got a call one day from the IRS. They

Mar 25

No Amount of Re-Branding Will Save the Radical Right!

Right-wing Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus has done what has been alternately called a study of their electoral problems or an autopsy to decide how to re-brand themselves or figure out a new marketing

Mar 15

Protect The Big Three!

The radical rightwinger Paul Ryan has submitted his budget. 60% of his cuts come from healthcare for the poor. Did you ever notice that any of former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s budgets

Mar 8

Save the USPS!

One of the stupidest ideas out of a bushel basket of stupid ideas from Mitch McConnell and John Boehner and their crowd of radical rightwinger teabaggers is their plan to slowly eviscerate and slowly

Dec 19

The Radical Rightwing are Holding Us Hostage to Get What They Want

As we continue to process and wrap our arms around the Newtown massacre, and consider the policies we need to stop mass killings and the flood of automatic and semi-automatic military style weapons, etc.

Dec 10

Reducing Inequality

Newt Gingrich on Meet The Press said that the weakened Republican Party is incapable of winning against Hilary Clinton in 2016. It is certainly true that the Republican Party is now in disarray and rudderless

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