Stewart Acuff

Sep 8

Fast Food Workers Strike in 150 Cities

The lowest paid and most vulnerable amongst us are leading the way, out on point for a more just America and an economy that can provide jobs that sustain families. Fast food workers in 150

Jun 4

“I am a Man” (1968), “I am a Woman” (2013)

Recently I came across these two very powerful images from two important strikes that were 45 years apart. The first is from the iconic 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike, when strikers held “I am a

May 1

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day, my brothers and sisters and comrades here in the US and around the world. Today is the day we celebrate our solidarity and struggle and the victories won through struggle by

Dec 10

Fast Food Workers Expand Their Strikes & Their Struggle, Which is Our Struggle

Naturally and appropriately, news from The Left during the last several days has focused on the life, death, struggle, and victory of Nelson Mandela. Totally appropriate for us to focus on the passing of

Nov 22

Acuff on Fox News discussing Walmart

This week, Stewart was on Neil Cavuto’s Your World on Fox News discussing

Oct 28

Lessons from Fast Food Workers and Strikers

To the great credit of the Service Employees International Union, they have been giving assistance to workers in the fast food and related industries, organizing across workplace lines, corporations, and even regional lines to

Sep 25

Organizing Public Employees in the South

The Tennessee United Campus Workers, an affiliate of the Communications Workers of America, held their annual convention in Nashville last Saturday. I was privileged to attend, speak, and talk about Playing Bigger Than You

Sep 10

Let’s make Walmart a responsible employer!

Last Thursday OUR Walmart, an organization of Walmart workers and their allies, staged the biggest and broadest day of action they have ever held. Protesting Walmart’s firings of 20 employees for participating in a legally

Sep 9

Labor Radio First Thing in the Morning

It is 6:55 am and I’m in the studio of the radio station in Shepherdstown, WV. Now I’m listening to Elmore James do one of America’s best blues songs “Dust My Broom.” Now it

Sep 3

The New Leaders

The numbers run the wrong way Everyday the gap between soul defeating Misery and abundance beyond Imagination widens and our People lose hope waiting We wait instead act, our feet nailed down We look for leaders blame Obama But now Glory

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