Stewart Acuff

Sep 17

Nature Refuses to Yield

The furnace of a sun Edges its way over the Eastern horizon For the last time this summer Summer’s heat will break today Cool days and cooler nights Invite play Ask us outside, walk in the evening Open windows breeze across Our

Dec 13

Our Battle for Freedom and Justice

The Rightwing Radicals of the Republican Party passed right-to-work in Michigan, home of the UAW and the first successful sitdown strike in Flint in our nation’s history. When that governor threatened to send in

Dec 7

We MUST Reduce Our Awful Inequality

In our commitment to reduce the obscene, ugly, and dangerous inequality in our society, we have to look at tax policy Рwho pays what and who is able to hide their money and unpatriotically

Nov 19
Playing Bigger Than You Are

PBTYA is Politics & Current Events Book of the Month on Kindle Nation Daily!

We are grateful and excited to announce that Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing is Politics & Current Events Book of the Month on Kindle Nation Daily! According to the Kindle Nation

Jul 9

Stewart Acuff: 18 Things We All Can Do Starting Now to Organize for this Fall’s Election:

In response to one of my blog reader’s requests, here are 18 things we can all do starting now to organize this fall’s election: Talk about what change means to you, your family, your community. Talk

Jul 5
Playing Bigger Than You Are - A Life in Organizing

Stewart Acuff: Money and Organizing and Politics

This blog is cross-posted at The Daily Kos. Money is a bigger issue this year in the run-up to the Presidential and Congressional elections than ever before. That is mainly because of Supreme Court ruling

Jun 27

The Farmer’s Plow

Written by Stewart Acuff The smell of dirt, first turn by the farmer’s plow. The sweet grassy smell when you clean the barn, and its stalls. Do you remember the wheels your Grandpa had – and their

Jun 26
Playing Bigger Than You Are

Power: A new blog from Stewart Acuff

Power is a word that puts off too many people. Many, or probably most of us, think that power, or the concept of power is unseemly or ugly. We confuse power with the illegitimate or

Jun 25

Long past midnight

Written by Stewart Acuff Long past midnight Sleep as elusive as love Examining my life in the clarity of a sober fatigue. Facing the wall, bleak, dark, and empty. I replay my life as it is, and as it

Jun 19

A forward to Playing Bigger Than You Are by Senator Bernie Sanders

“It is all too easy to think of Washington as a center of power. Stewart knows that power flows everywhere there are organized Americans, and he is one of the best when it comes

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