Stewart Acuff

Jul 15

Germany: Highlights From the Winners’ Playbook

By Stewart Acuff and Elizabeth Arnold I’ll admit I caught World Cup fever. Today I woke up early and braved the crowd at Brandenburg Gate in hopes of a glimpse of the German team upon their

Jun 13

The Way Home

Proud to say that my poem “The Way Home” just got published in Political Affairs. Is it the steel on steel Or the imperfections Of steel rails laid on wooden ties That create the rockin’ all night long From

Nov 21

Strong Brown Oaks

The road dog Rollin’ down I-85 Atlanta bound Through North Carolina November now Maple leaves gorgeous red Oak leaves brown Some would say dull But oaks proud, tall in their dull strength Oaks the strongest trees in these Or any other woods These woods made

Nov 18
Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture Rumble & The TPPPlay

Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture Rumble & The TPP

Wow, what a night!! Friday night I was on Thom Hartmann‘s great television show as a member of a panel to discuss several topics. Check out the video above. My segment on The Big

Nov 14

Leavin’ Atlanta

As I write this it is 6 am and I’m preparing to leave home again. Leavin’ home has gotta be one of the most constant of constants in a traveler’s life. It ain’t Washington, DC

Nov 5

Is ALEC GUILTY of Racketeering?

Over the last two weeks I’ve written a couple of columns about ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, their activities, and the effects they are having on our people and our country. When my second

Nov 4

Fightin’ this Fight

In my country ’tis of thee Today’s Klansmen we see Without hoods or crosses Only polo shirts and khakis Representing the Republican Party Talking about black people who want Government to give them everything And why should they be able to

Nov 1

Why I vote Democratic and Tend to Support Democrats

The US political world changed dramatically when Franklin Roosevelt was first elected President in 1932 and began an intense and intensive struggle to lift the country out of the Great Depression, allow the labor

Oct 24

Republican Fallout

75 percent of Americans now say Republicans don’t deserve re-election, and 50 percent of Americans would vote Democratic if elections were held today according to a recent CNN poll. Now, it is a year before

Oct 22

A Piece of Himself

Without my knowing Sam left his picture on the seat Of my old truck last night As I took him and his sister Syd To the airport to fly back to Savannah I cried all over again on finding

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