Stewart Acuff

Jan 5

The Sun Way Yon

The ridge across the River way yon Still bathed brightly by a fast falling sun While we head up yet another hill In the cold shade of this ridge These walks or hikes now a test of will For

Oct 24

The early dawn

The early dawn plays tricks on the eyes Like the coyote trickster of some Southwest Native People Images not clear, identities blurred Maybe that’s why travels into the soul can yield so much And the mind’s work can

Sep 26

Cleansing Rain

Another new poem, Cleansing Rain, that recently got published on Political Affairs. The rain woke me this morning The Southern sky opened, pouring Out all she had, thunder roaring Its own accompanying catharsis No tender rain this morning But a

Sep 22

Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks at 1199 – Part 4

The great Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont recently spoke at my union. This is part 4 of his speech. Here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3. Photo: Senator Sanders at the recent People’s Climate March in

Sep 22

Senator Bernie Sanders Speaks at 1199 – Part 3

“We are fighting for the working class of this country. That’s what we’re fighting for.” -Senator Bernie Sanders The great Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont recently spoke at my union. This is part 3 of

Aug 15

Changing Lives, Changing America

We need a huge movement in America to reclaim democracy and make our economy work for everyone. But building movements means changing minds, hearts, and lives. As a way to do that, the Tennessee labor movement

Jul 31

Santa Fe hospital union offers to forgo bonuses for more staffing

By Jackie Jadrnak / Journal North Reporter PUBLISHED: Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 4:08 pm Union members have offered to forgo some 4 percentage points of a potential three-year, 9 percent pay increase if Christus St.

Jul 15

Germany: Highlights From the Winners’ Playbook

By Stewart Acuff and Elizabeth Arnold I’ll admit I caught World Cup fever. Today I woke up early and braved the crowd at Brandenburg Gate in hopes of a glimpse of the German team upon their

Jun 13

The Way Home

Proud to say that my poem “The Way Home” just got published in Political Affairs. Is it the steel on steel Or the imperfections Of steel rails laid on wooden ties That create the rockin’ all night long From

Nov 21

Strong Brown Oaks

The road dog Rollin’ down I-85 Atlanta bound Through North Carolina November now Maple leaves gorgeous red Oak leaves brown Some would say dull But oaks proud, tall in their dull strength Oaks the strongest trees in these Or any other woods These woods made

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