Stewart Acuff

Apr 30

Caterpillar Avoided $2.4 Billion in US taxes

Caterpillar, the “world’s largest maker of construction and mining equipment,” avoided $2.4 billion in US corporate taxes by diverting $8 billion in profit through a Swiss affiliate. (The Guardian) Senator Carl Levin’s Senate Committee is

Oct 4

Telling the Truth About the Dysfunction of Congress

This week has shown the whole country that our Congress is completely dysfunctional. Some blame the hardening of ideologies and that is certainly true. Some blame Tom DeLay style Congressional district gerrymandering and that

Jul 9

A Movement for Voting Rights and Democracy

Between the Supreme Court’s evil Citizens United ruling giving personhood to corporations and money the protection of the First Amendment and now the Voting Rights case, they are moving as fast as a Tortoise-like

Mar 7

A Movement for the Needs of Our People

This week we’ve written and talked about the elements that should be at the foundation of our labor movement and American politics and society. Our failure to keep those elements in place, honor them, and

Jan 3

Knife in the Back

“Knife in the back”… That’s the phrase the Republican Long Island Congressman Peter King said about Republican Speaker John Boehner and the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. It is “why the American people

Nov 29

The Bush Tax Cuts MUST EXPIRE, but NOT in Exchange for Cuts to Medicare or Medicaid!

We’ve heard from several of our readers that many of you are contacting the Congress to demand that there be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Many are forwarding the blogs to

Apr 17
Playing Bigger Than You Are

The Stakes in the 2012 Election

Written by Stewart Acuff In the past three years we’ve seen the greatest assault against working families and unions that this country has witnessed since the early 1920’s and the deportation of dozens of union

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