Stewart Acuff

Nov 6

Republican Disrespect for Voters of Color

If you need any extra shot of inspiration or determination, reports are already coming in from Florida of Republican shenanigans. Long lines, monkey business with ballots, total disrespect for voters of color. That Republican disrespect

Oct 16


The Washington Post shows that President Obama with 51% approval – over 50% for the first time since the campaign began. A Politico poll shows President Obama with a statistically insignificant lead of 1%.

Oct 12

VP Debate: Biden Had a Solid, Undeniable Victory on Style and Policy

As I said earlier, I never understood the word callow until I saw Ryan next to Biden. Biden did laugh at Ryan’s lies, inaccuracies, and ignorance. On substance, there was no comparison. The Obama-Biden Team

Oct 12

Tonight’s Debate

During the debate remember that Ryan is a devotee of the bizarre Russian anti-democratic novelist named Ayn Rand. She believed much like many developing countries that countries should be run by powerful businessmen, sorta

Oct 11

The Veep Debate

With polling indicating that the presidential race is essentially even, we are all waiting and watching for the vice presidential debate tonight. There are high expectations for both Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. Our ground

Sep 24


NEWS FLASH!!!! The Romney-Ryan Campaign has just announced a campaign focus on Ohio, where President Obama has a 51-465 lead. This is the first time in this campaign that President Obama has broken 50

Sep 17

Romney-Ryan Try to Ruin America

On Saturday September 15th, 2012, when much of America is focused on college football games, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are sprawled out somewhere with a gaggle of neo-conservative draft-avoiding-war-mongering chickenhawks trying to figure

Sep 12

Paul Ryan

As if to prove that Republicans are not only responsible for huge inequality, but also approve of yawning inequality, Romney has just announced that Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is his choice for Vice

Sep 4

Paul Ryan Veep Choice

Paul Ryan will look good by traditional standards for a day or a week. He is smart, young, good-looking, and articulate. But he has severe downsides. He has put forward a budget that cuts

Aug 29

Romney and Ryan Will Destroy Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid

I tried. I really tried today to watch the Republican show. I listened to everyone tell us how much Romney is a regular guy and how Ann is gonna prove it. I listened to

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