Stewart Acuff

Nov 6

Republican Disrespect for Voters of Color

If you need any extra shot of inspiration or determination, reports are already coming in from Florida of Republican shenanigans. Long lines, monkey business with ballots, total disrespect for voters of color. That Republican disrespect

Oct 22

47 percent

47 percent of us All of us on this bus Momma and Dad and Sister Julia – with Kushing’s Syndrome – that took her to Mayo’s Before it killed her and took part of all Our souls And just me

Oct 19

Mitt Romney: Troubling Traits for a Presidential Candidate

I recently read an article about how Mitt Romney was in a terrible car accident in France, and tragically killed a passenger. Ann Romney just had the nerve to joke about it on The

Oct 18

Elections, Extortion, and the Economy

Firms and corporations are sitting on record amounts of unspent and non-invested cash. More and more corporate leaders are illegally threatening their employees to get them to vote for Romney. The financial elite has said very

Oct 18

Romney the Bully, where I come from it’s called White Male Privilege

Where I come from in West Tennessee and the Bootheel of Missouri, what Romney did during the last debate was bullying and attempted intimidation, but it was really White Male Privilege. It’s found most

Oct 17

Obama and The Debate

Good Morning! We wake this morning to a solid ass thumpin’ that President Obama issued to CEO asshole boss Mitt Romney. The President was confident, assertive, in control, human, and Presidential. Romney was the same CEO

Oct 16

Tonight’s Debate

We wake up this morning to a Presidential election that is drawing closer to even. President Obama still holds a significant lead over Mitt Romney. But the President has a much easier path to an

Oct 10

Polls Fluid in Wake of First Debate, Turnout Still Key to Victory

At the first Presidential debate this year, Mitt Romney showed up as his well-known, flip flop self. It puzzles me that Romney is getting a pass from the media and the Obama Campaign for

Oct 10

Romney Jobs Plan

I just saw a headline which says the Romney jobs plan depends on his tax plan. The President has been saying that, but I don’t think the full implications have broken through. This is total

Oct 4

The Debate

I am very disappointed in this debate tonight. No one supports the President more than I do. And I happen to like him as a person who has lived a life of integrity and

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