Stewart Acuff

Apr 29

The Stock Market is Rigged

One of America’s most powerful mass media institutions, 60 minutes, did a major story on the rigging of the stock market. A new book by Michael Lewis called Flash Boys explains how traders spend

Jan 31

We’re on the winning side of history!

In the very first Congress of the Civil War, President Lincoln said democracy itself was at stake, promising not just a system of government, but a promise of economic opportunity and SOCIAL JUSTICE. “This is

Jan 20

Dr. King would call us to nonviolent direct action

In this time that we set aside to honor one of our — if not the greatest American — let us pause from our struggle for a more perfect union to take an inventory

Dec 4

ALEC Faces Funding Crisis & possible Lobbying Violations

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) may be guilty of abusing its tax status, which has created even bigger problems. According to reporting in Britain’s Guardian newspaper ALEC has lost 400 state legislative members and

Nov 18
Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture Rumble & The TPPPlay

Thom Hartmann’s Big Picture Rumble & The TPP

Wow, what a night!! Friday night I was on Thom Hartmann‘s great television show as a member of a panel to discuss several topics. Check out the video above. My segment on The Big

Oct 31

ALEC: The Most Dangerous Conspiracy

The other day I ran a blog on the North Carolina Republican official who admitted and demonstrated his racism on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Of course, Don Yelton was speaking for the increasingly right-wing and

Oct 29

The Daily Show Exposes Rampant Republican Racism

There is a reason so many folks say they get their news from Jon Stewart’s Daily Show. Last week the Daily Show interviewed a North Carolina Republican Party official about the lawsuit filed by

Oct 24

Republican Fallout

75 percent of Americans now say Republicans don’t deserve re-election, and 50 percent of Americans would vote Democratic if elections were held today according to a recent CNN poll. Now, it is a year before

Oct 23

The Fracturing of the Republican Coalition

I do so well remember part of the great coming together of the soon to be powerful Republican coalition when Corporate Republicans attracted working class white voters to their ranks. Of course, it began

Oct 18

The Ramifications of the Shutdown

The ramifications of the government shutdown have clearly shown those who caused it to be either idiots or traitors. They have taken food from the mouths of babies by closing the Women, Infants, and Children

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