Stewart Acuff

Apr 17

Really Good Federal Budget Ideas

Just as anti-democratic Ayn Rand acolyte Republican Paul Ryan released his proposed federal budget, the Congressional Progressive Caucus came forward with their proposed budget. The Progressive Caucus’ Budget is not only full of very

Apr 9

GOP States are the Real Takers

Ben Hallman wrote on Huffington Post that some of the states that have embraced the extreme right-wing agenda against domestic government spending are those which get the most from federal spending. Contradicting the stupid

Apr 8

Big-money’s Takeover of Our Democracy

“The vast middle class and poor don’t have enough purchasing power as 95 percent of the economy’s gains go to the top one percent… some wealthy people and big corporations have a strangle-hold on

Apr 7

If it weren’t so sick and twisted it would be funny

One of our favorite scam artists, Newt Gingrich, is at it again. When in hell is the mainstream media going to realize he’s got nothing real to say? He’s long past any real political

Apr 7
Stewart Acuff

The demise of democracy

For a couple of years now I’ve been writing and speaking about the growing danger of losing American democracy to a plutocracy or oligarchy. In our country the words are interchangeable. Oligarchy means rule

Apr 7

NJ Governor Chris Christie Uses Public Funds in Cover-up

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used taxpayer money to fund a cover-up of his bullying and reckless lane closures from Fort Lee, N.J. to the George Washington Bridge leading into New York City. As

Apr 7

Holding Paul Ryan accountable

At a town hall meeting Ryan held after his recent racist rant, Alfonso Gardner (pictured), called him on his statement, and Ryan backed away from it somewhat by saying he was including all races

Mar 21

The Commonwealth Foundation wants to kill our middle class

The opinion piece by Elizabeth Stelle of the Commonwealth Foundation is full of the lies and half-truths characteristic of the radical right-wing. Keystone Progress and The Center for Media and Democracy recently released a report

Mar 19

Where Have I Heard This Before?

The radical right-wing Republicans are back to their old racist tactics, the same kind of tactics that Nixon, Reagan, and southern white evangelicals and others have used over the years to rally their base.

Mar 13

Henry Nicholas and Real Education at Penn

Last Thursday night 1199 President Henry Nicholas and Executive Vice Presidents Chris Woods and John Hump spoke and had a sometimes heated discussion with The University of Pennsylvania Government and Politics Association (Penn GPA).

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