Stewart Acuff

Aug 20

What a Great Week for Bernie!

According to one poll, Bernie now leads the race in New Hampshire, jumping ahead of Hillary by seven points. That is an amazing surge of support, which will only get stronger as he opens

Aug 8

Labor Day is on the Way

Labor Day will be here before we know it. This is an important year to remind all Americans of what workers and their unions have done for America and all our people. Given the assault

May 25

Reclaiming American Values and Truth

With summer coming it’s time for us all to start thinking about how working people and progressives can reclaim American traditions, values, and truth. We should all think about how to celebrate Independence Day and

Apr 30

Senator Bernie Sanders is running for President

“I am running for president. I intend to stand up and fight for working families all over the country.” -Bernie Sanders My friend and one of my heroes, Bernie Sanders, is running for President of

Mar 31

Union busting creates and sustains poverty

“If we can’t have unions and we can’t raise the minimum wage, how can we lift people out of poverty through work?” asked Melissa Harris-Perry on her MSNBC show. That is the question and

Mar 24

Lavish, Illegal Spending for Right-wing Congressman, Grinding Poverty for the Rest of Us

Reports are coming out from a wide variety of media sources that high living, right-wing, budget cutting Congressman Aaron Shock is being investigated by the FBI. A Grand Jury has even been empaneled, and

Mar 18

The Illinois Governor’s Assault on Unions

You would have to know the Illinois labor movement and the Chicago Federation of Labor to fully understand the seriousness of the new governor’s assault on organized labor. Gov. Bruce Rauner wants to ban public

Mar 12

Time to Blow All the Arguments for Right to Work Out of the Water

My friend Ross Eisenbrey of the Economic Policy Institute just wrote a great column in which he debunks or destroys every argument I’ve ever heard for right to work laws. Right to work (RTW) is

Mar 9

It’s About Power

Those who are gobbling up all the gains in our economy, all the increases in the Gross Domestic Product, and their mouthpieces in the media will come up with any possible excuse they can

Feb 23

2/20/2015: Acuff on Hartmann Discussing Right-wing Extremism

Here’s my 2.20.15 segment on Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture Rumble talking about right-wing extremism in America. (My segment starts at the 2 minute, 17 second

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