Stewart Acuff

May 30

1199 President Henry Nicholas to Kick Off Major Labor-Environmental-Community Forum

On Tuesday June 2nd, iconic 1199 President Henry Nicholas will kick off a major forum at the Electricians Local 98 Union Hall in Philly. The forum will include trade unionists, environmentalists, community activists, clergy, people

Nov 21

Obama Acts Boldly

President Obama acted boldly, using executive authority to help keep immigrant families together, stop fear in families of being split apart, and to create a humane and rational immigration system. President Obama’s action does not

Oct 9

Pa. Government Assaults School Teachers

The chair of the Philadelphia School Reform Committee (SRC) appointed by far and radical right-wing Gov. Corbett activated “its nuclear option and [canceled] its teachers’ contract” with the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. It is probably

Apr 7

Holding Paul Ryan accountable

At a town hall meeting Ryan held after his recent racist rant, Alfonso Gardner (pictured), called him on his statement, and Ryan backed away from it somewhat by saying he was including all races

Feb 28

Investing in Organizing

It is a busy season and year for 1199, the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees and it’s president, the iconic Henry Nicholas. We are trying to provide some leadership to the fight

Feb 25

The Myth of Republican Responsibility

For years we have heard Republican Right-wingers lecture the rest of us on personal responsibility. We have heard that people who receive assistance are lazy and refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

Feb 20

Kochtopus: The Koch Boys & Dark Money

Did you ever wonder who decided where and to whom all that dirty Koch money went to and goes to? After all the Koch boys themselves have never had to do the heavy lifting of

Jan 20

Dr. King would call us to nonviolent direct action

In this time that we set aside to honor one of our — if not the greatest American — let us pause from our struggle for a more perfect union to take an inventory

Dec 10

Fast Food Workers Expand Their Strikes & Their Struggle, Which is Our Struggle

Naturally and appropriately, news from The Left during the last several days has focused on the life, death, struggle, and victory of Nelson Mandela. Totally appropriate for us to focus on the passing of

Nov 13

A Robust Public Sector is Critical to our Democracy

Recently I talked about Obamacare making Medicaid more accessible to more people, and how that takes us toward a more just and fair single payer or Medicare For All system. I also said that both

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