Stewart Acuff

Mar 3

Koch brothers, Pennsylvania, and a Victory of Sorts

When the year began, the Koch boys and the radical right-wing Republicans in the Pennsylvania state legislature had a plan to quick hit the labor movement with their legislation to deny dues deduction to

Feb 28

Investing in Organizing

It is a busy season and year for 1199, the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees and it’s president, the iconic Henry Nicholas. We are trying to provide some leadership to the fight

Jan 28

Dr. King and the Assault on Public Employees in Pennsylvania

As we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s life and struggle, we learn that we must re-fight some of the same struggle in Pennsylvania. Dr. King lived and died for social and racial justice, equality and

Dec 18

The New Agenda of the Radical Right-wing Republican Party

Seems like it was just weeks, maybe months ago that today’s Radical Right-wing Republican Party’s agenda was to cut the Big 3: Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. And surely those right-wingers continue to want

Oct 28

Lessons from Fast Food Workers and Strikers

To the great credit of the Service Employees International Union, they have been giving assistance to workers in the fast food and related industries, organizing across workplace lines, corporations, and even regional lines to

Oct 3

Stewart’s new mini eBook Change is Coming is out now!

Stewart’s new mini eBook Change is Coming is out now! CLICK HERE to download it now FOR

Sep 19

Remembering The Best — and The Worst

Last week we commemorated two very different American historical moments. We remembered the awful Al Qaeda attacks on Sept 11th, 2001. Two days later we were reminded of the huge TARP bailout of Wall

Sep 9

Labor Radio First Thing in the Morning

It is 6:55 am and I’m in the studio of the radio station in Shepherdstown, WV. Now I’m listening to Elmore James do one of America’s best blues songs “Dust My Broom.” Now it

Sep 5
Thom Hartmann and Labor DayPlay

Thom Hartmann and Labor Day

Tuesday night we commemorated Labor Day on Thom Hartmann’s great national tv show. I write commemorate because we in the labor movement have damn little to celebrate this year. Thom’s Labor Day show was The

Aug 28

Winning the Debate on Fox

Even in control of the microphones, cameras, and questions, we can win the debate on Fox News and Fox Business on their own turf! We can get them on the facts and on the

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