Stewart Acuff

Jan 5

The Sun Way Yon

The ridge across the River way yon Still bathed brightly by a fast falling sun While we head up yet another hill In the cold shade of this ridge These walks or hikes now a test of will For

Sep 3

Forge-like heat

In the daily intensity of forge-like heat The daily triage of meetings and buses and trains And yes I hate them, planes And the million what-ifs doubt Sometimes I think now in older years It is the delicious reset

Sep 17

Nature Refuses to Yield

The furnace of a sun Edges its way over the Eastern horizon For the last time this summer Summer’s heat will break today Cool days and cooler nights Invite play Ask us outside, walk in the evening Open windows breeze across Our

Aug 23

Drivin’ through Texas

Drivin’ thru Texas or as Some say Tejas Got Jerry Jeff Walker on my CD player The land, strugglin’ trees, heat, Sky that will not end, towns Pull out all these memories Organizing all those incredibly strong and courageous African-American and

Aug 9

What is in a soul?

What is in a soul? It is all so intangible Where we house our passions and dreams, Deepest anxieties and fears Where we are most human Where we know – or don’t know – That we are part of something

Jun 21

The frogs

A little after writing this poem, I wrote like canaries in the mines. The early summer frogs call One to another in the Universal appeal for a mate But the frogs don’t call in cacophony But in a beautiful

Jun 20

The Odious Farm Bill

The odious Farm Bill working its way through Congress rewards wealthy agribusiness while taking food out of the mouths of children by cutting food stamps. This Bill also rewards sugar agribusiness and American Crystal,

Jun 18

Peace to you…

Cotton ball clouds In a turquoise sky Soft breeze after the storms Storms come for all of us But after the storm comes the sweet peace Peace to you this blessed day.   © Creative Commons Copyright 2013 *If you wish to share

Jun 12

I pray you…

I pray you a good day today I pray you as I write I pray you peace and love I pray you faith in the power of the Holy Spirit to protect those you love I pray you

Jun 10

The gentle rain

The gentle rain made love all day To the thirsty and open earth The rain caressed all the tender folds Fertilizing the earth for summer And its flowers exploding blossoms In ecstasy of life and joy and satiation.   © Creative

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