Stewart Acuff

Aug 15
Acuff Debates New CEO pay Rule on CCTV AmericaPlay

Acuff Debates New CEO pay Rule on CCTV America

Check out this debate on CEO pay and the way I brought in

May 11

The richest Member of Congress said America’s poor are the envy of the world

I read that America’s richest Member of Congress Said America’s poor are the envy of the world Issa is his name and he’s made an awful mess Of his work. Our poor can’t miss a step in

May 8

What is a Fair Wage?

 Written by Johanna Slivinske What is a fair wage? A fair wage is a baby’s diaper. A fair wage is gas money to church on Sunday. A fair wage is buying a bag of apples. A fair wage

Feb 2

Top 1% will own 50% of world’s wealth by 2016

This will absolutely blow your mind. The global anti-hunger organization Oxfam says that the richest one percent in the world will probably control more than half of the world’s wealth within the next year. We

Nov 26

We are Sick of the Loss of Democracy

As an aging father I know for me there is nothing more important than taking care of my kids and giving them the best life possible. That does not include wealth. It does include

Nov 25

Ferguson, Missouri and Killing Trayvons

The grand jury in St. Louis County refused to return an indictment on police officer Darren Wilson, who killed the African-American young man Michael Brown. The original offense by young Brown was walking in the

Nov 17

Election Results

Though it’s been a week or so since the election, I’ve still been processing the results in my head. I talked about them on the Thom Hartmann show and a couple different radio shows.

Sep 8

Fast Food Workers Strike in 150 Cities

The lowest paid and most vulnerable amongst us are leading the way, out on point for a more just America and an economy that can provide jobs that sustain families. Fast food workers in 150

Sep 3

Forge-like heat

In the daily intensity of forge-like heat The daily triage of meetings and buses and trains And yes I hate them, planes And the million what-ifs doubt Sometimes I think now in older years It is the delicious reset

Aug 12

Make Deadbeat Corporations Pay!

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman and other economists have been looking at a particularly ugly and cynical and UNPATRIOTIC corporate practice to avoid paying any American taxes. These are American corporations which make

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