Stewart Acuff

Apr 15

The Stealth Poor

I’m so excited that my poems The Stealth Poor and We Struggle have just been published in Blue Collar Review. I am very grateful and proud to be published in Blue Collar – a

Apr 10
Staggering Racial Segregation in NYC Schools

Staggering Racial Segregation in NYC Schools

The UCLA Civil Rights Project just released a report on racial and ethnic diversity in New York City schools. For those of us fighting for education justice and equality, the results were staggering and

Apr 9

GOP States are the Real Takers

Ben Hallman wrote on Huffington Post that some of the states that have embraced the extreme right-wing agenda against domestic government spending are those which get the most from federal spending. Contradicting the stupid

Feb 5

Global Inequality Threatens Us All

We have long said in this space that one of the greatest challenges facing our people, our country and our democracy is our massive gap of income and wealth inequality. We know the transfer

Jan 10

Dr. King and American Serfdom — Sharecropping

President Henry Nicholas of 1199 National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees is a great example of some of the people who may have benefited most from the Civil Rights Revolution led by Dr.

Jan 6

Dr. King: Inequality and Poverty – Part 1

The holidays are over and kids are going back to school and adults are going back to a more than busy job schedule. As the Financial Elite tries to squeeze every bit of productivity

Dec 16

WTO Evil

We as progressives have talked about greed for 35 years. We watched in disgust as right-wingers took up the line from the movie Wall Street, “Greed is good.” And we watched the worship of money

Dec 13

WTO: Evil in Trade, Starving Folks for Profit

As I write this I am sick to my stomach. A new WTO (World Trade Organization) agreement may be reached this week that restricts the right of developing nations to subsidize large farming populations

Oct 28

Lessons from Fast Food Workers and Strikers

To the great credit of the Service Employees International Union, they have been giving assistance to workers in the fast food and related industries, organizing across workplace lines, corporations, and even regional lines to

Oct 7

Welcome to the Colony

Right-wing politicians in service To plutocrats who would buy or steal Everything we made or built or bought With our debt or savings Those plutocratic right-wingers plot The demise of the American experiment And the destruction of democracy Or at least

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