Stewart Acuff

Dec 11

No Retreat, No Surrender

Maybe I’m too dramatic or passionate, but in 1985 I got a tattoo on my arm that says “no retreat, no surrender.” It was an expression of what I felt in the Reagan years,

Oct 21

Senate Politics in Kentucky

I’m sure there are fellow Democrats in Kentucky who think a Tennessean like me has no business commenting on Kentucky politics. I hope they will forgive me. Alison Grimes is a great woman running a

Sep 25

Ex-Va. Governor McDonnell Convicted

When do you think we will ever learn? Former Virginia Governor Robert F. McDonnell, a supposed holy man of integrity, family values, and Godliness was convicted by a Virginia jury of 11 counts of

Mar 7

A Passion for Compassion, the Defiance of Despair

“A religious man is a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times, who suffers harm done to others, whose greatest passion is compassion, whose greatest strength

Feb 20

Kochtopus: The Koch Boys & Dark Money

Did you ever wonder who decided where and to whom all that dirty Koch money went to and goes to? After all the Koch boys themselves have never had to do the heavy lifting of

Oct 3

Stewart’s new mini eBook Change is Coming is out now!

Stewart’s new mini eBook Change is Coming is out now! CLICK HERE to download it now FOR

Jul 26

A Dream

I dreamed last night. Seemed like all night. Old Tom Paine with his English accent came by Then Sam Adams: “What did you let them do with all those ideas and all that blood shed birthing this

Jul 23

Stewart Acuff: Today’s GOP is a Grand Old Pariah

Today’s Morning Joe ran a story about the dissolution of the Republican Party in California. One statewide Republican office holder said his party is at its lowest point and that it is time to

Jul 20

New blog by Stewart Acuff: Republican Dysfunction

Republican Dysfunction Never before in my memory, in my reading of American history, nor my experience in politics have I ever seen or even imagined how dysfunctional a major American political party has been as

Jul 9

Stewart Acuff: 18 Things We All Can Do Starting Now to Organize for this Fall’s Election:

In response to one of my blog reader’s requests, here are 18 things we can all do starting now to organize this fall’s election: Talk about what change means to you, your family, your community. Talk

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