Stewart Acuff

Apr 11

Utility Workers: Fighting for Workers Rights and Democracy

I’m standing here on the steps of the Indiana State Capitol with 35,000 Hoosier unionists and community allies to stop radical Republican state leaders from jamming through legislation to bust unions and weaken the

Apr 11
Playing Bigger Than You Are

The Chamber of Commerce Is Illegally Using Foreign Corporations Money

Its has now been reported by several sources that the Chamber of Commerce is using funds from foreign corporations to try to affect American politics and the November elections. Wonder why foreign corporations would want

Apr 11

Utilities are a Public Good and Should Be Owned By the Public

Our union, the Utility Workers Union of America, just concluded very difficult bargaining for a new contract at DTE, formerly Detroit Edison. Though negotiations were tough we finally reached a good agreement. To get

Apr 11

Green Energy Generation can Help Rebuild Our Economy

The remarks below were presented to the Portland to the Northwest Conference on Transmission and Grid Policy to Facilitate Green Energy Generation I speak today on behalf of the 50,000 members of the Utility Workers

Apr 11
Corporate America Offshoring More Jobs in Economic CrisisPlay

Corporate America Offshoring More Jobs in Economic Crisis

Just a week ago I had the honor of being in Mt. Vernon, Indiana for a major protest against the closing of a large Whirlpool factory that had employed 1,200 people so they could

Apr 11

BP’s Spewing Oil Best Argument for Climate Change Legislation

This piece is co-authored with Mike Langford, President of the Utility Workers Union of America. Michael Williams helped with research for this article. With the oil continuing to spew out of BP’s hole in the

Apr 11

Punching Holes in so-called Free Market Economics

This piece co-authored by Stewart Acuff & Bill Fletcher, Jr. We have found ourselves wondering why President Obama is being ‘red-baited’ by the political Right. Any reasonable person looking at the policies of this administration

Apr 11

Getting America Back to Work

“From explaining what’s gone wrong in America, to what we have to do to get power back in the hands of common working people, “Getting America Back to Work” has something for everyone.”Getting America

Apr 11
UWUA Politics in Action for Mark CritzPlay

UWUA Politics in Action for Mark Critz

Stewart Acuff narrates this unrehearsed video of members of the Utility Workers Union of America phone banking for Mark Critz in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. This is the seat that Jack Murtha left vacant

Apr 11

Earth Day

Next week we expect Climate Change legislation to be introduced in the U.S. Senate. The legislation will move our country to significant investment in green energy generation and conservation creating as many as 2

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