Stewart Acuff

Oct 4
Playing Bigger Than You Are - A Life in Organizing

New Book Review of PBTYA in The Labor Studies Journal!

A new book review of Stewart Acuff’s book Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing will appear in the June issue, Vol. [38], No. [2] of The Labor Studies Journal! Reviewed by Eric

Jun 18

Exciting Midwestern Book Tour Coming in July

If you live in the Upper Midwest, please try to get in on my July book tour. I have a couple of gigs lined up in the Lansing area of Michigan and in Champaign,

Apr 23

Two Upcoming Book & Poetry Readings in DC!

I am so excited that I have two book and poetry readings and signings coming up in Washington, DC and in Silver Spring. Both venues are iconic places for art and literature and progressive politics. Please

Apr 4

2 Exciting Book Readings!

We have two very exciting book readings coming up this spring! On May 2nd, I get to do the May Day book reading at Busboys and Poets bookstore, coffee shop, restaurant and bar and probably

Mar 28

May Day Book Reading of PBTYA!

I’m very happy to announce I’m doing a May Day reading of my book Playing Bigger Than You Are; A Life in Organizing on May 2nd at 6:30 pm at Busboys and Poets Bookstore

Jan 28

Our Deep Struggle in America

Ayn Rand fan Paul Ryan was on the Sunday talk shows still pitching his recipe for greater income inequality in America. On the question of reducing the debt and deficit, Ryan once again said

Jan 25

Playing Bigger Than You Are Goes International

The history of the American labor movement is the bloodiest history of any labor movement in the developed, western world. Since the assault that continues today began anew and fresh in 1980 by Ronald Reagan,

Jan 7

Playing Bigger Than You Are on Stuart Elliottt’s “My Books of 2012″ List!

I am honored to have my book Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing featured on Stuart Elliott’s “My Books of 2012″ List! Stuart Elliott calls Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in

Jan 4

Union Work and Activism is Holy Work.

“Congress is reprehensible. John Boehner should definitely be ashamed of himself,”said Monica Byrne, small business owner devastated by superstorm Sandy. After Northeast Republican Members of Congress spent two days pouring scorn on Boehner for

Dec 14

Economic Patriotism: Our Gov’t Needs to PUT US TO WORK!

With 35 years of stagnant wages, healthcare take-backs, and pension cuts, working families and the American economy are suffering. As economics professor Dr. Richard Levins and I write in our first book, Getting America

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