Stewart Acuff

May 15

Saving an America in Crisis

The 2014 campaigns for the US Congress and state governors, even state legislators, city council members and mayors have already begun. Even the Presidential campaign of 2016 has begun. In this critical moment in American

Apr 17

Really Good Federal Budget Ideas

Just as anti-democratic Ayn Rand acolyte Republican Paul Ryan released his proposed federal budget, the Congressional Progressive Caucus came forward with their proposed budget. The Progressive Caucus’ Budget is not only full of very

Apr 7

The Constitution is Getting Shredded

It is a jarring morning. At the request of the Republican National Committee and it’s Chairman Reince Priebus, the Supreme Court of the United States sworn to uphold the Constitution just made a mockery of

Apr 7

Holding Paul Ryan accountable

At a town hall meeting Ryan held after his recent racist rant, Alfonso Gardner (pictured), called him on his statement, and Ryan backed away from it somewhat by saying he was including all races

Mar 21

Like a Mule that Can’t Pull the Plow Anymore…

I’ve been thinking about right-wing Republican Paul Ryan’s racist rant, which RNC Chairman Reince Priebus defended. Ryan said that the culture of the “inner city” has kept generations of men (read African-American men) from working. I

Mar 15

Protect The Big Three!

The radical rightwinger Paul Ryan has submitted his budget. 60% of his cuts come from healthcare for the poor. Did you ever notice that any of former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s budgets

Jan 28

Our Deep Struggle in America

Ayn Rand fan Paul Ryan was on the Sunday talk shows still pitching his recipe for greater income inequality in America. On the question of reducing the debt and deficit, Ryan once again said

Nov 6

Republican Disrespect for Voters of Color

If you need any extra shot of inspiration or determination, reports are already coming in from Florida of Republican shenanigans. Long lines, monkey business with ballots, total disrespect for voters of color. That Republican disrespect

Oct 26

Rape is an Instrument of War

There is no better reason for government to not involve itself in decisions women make about their own bodies, health, and psyche than this horrible and sickening and hypocritical and blasphemous discussion the entire

Oct 16

The Price of Kleenex

The price of Kleenex has shot up with all the Republicans crying about how mean Joe Biden was to little Paul. All the sudden the P90X body was not enough to protect him in

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