Stewart Acuff

Dec 11

We Must Strengthen the Power of the Middle Class

More and more economists are saying that once outsourced jobs are now coming back to America. Sounds great, doesn’t it. The problem is that it is now cheaper to manufacture goods in America than in

Dec 6

Offshoring Jobs

We got about seven questions and comments on Daily Kos yesterday about some tax policy, especially how it is that the US tax policy encourages offshoring jobs. Senator Bernie Sanders has done a fantastic job

Dec 5

Senator Bernie Sanders and his Deficit Reduction Plan

In our commitment to reduce obscene, ugly, and cruel inequality in the US, we have to look at tax policy. Today tax policy serves to widen the gap between the rich and the rest

Apr 11
Corporate America Offshoring More Jobs in Economic CrisisPlay

Corporate America Offshoring More Jobs in Economic Crisis

Just a week ago I had the honor of being in Mt. Vernon, Indiana for a major protest against the closing of a large Whirlpool factory that had employed 1,200 people so they could

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