Stewart Acuff

Oct 30

Video: President Henry Nicholas’ 50 Years of Organizing

Our recent¬†national convention of 1199 National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees opened with a dynamic video of President Henry Nicholas’ 50 year history as an organizer, leader, and warrior for justice. Photo: A young

Sep 29

Henry Nicholas: A Story of Leadership, Vision, Courage & Compassion

President Henry Nicolas stands as an icon and a hero of America’s struggle for justice for the last 50 years. But it wasn’t always the case. Born on a cotton plantation in Mississippi, the son

Sep 25

Organizing Public Employees in the South

The Tennessee United Campus Workers, an affiliate of the Communications Workers of America, held their annual convention in Nashville last Saturday. I was privileged to attend, speak, and talk about Playing Bigger Than You

Aug 30

Obama Speaks on the 50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” Speech

Organizers like me and many of you scheduled the 50th Anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington on a Saturday. We all know you can turn out the most people on a Saturday when

Aug 27

A Leader’s Memorial

Last night activists, civil rights leaders, and Ambassador Andrew Young gathered at the AFL-CIO Headquarters in Washington, DC to honor civil rights and union organizer Rev. James Orange. I was privileged to be asked to

Aug 26

Remembering the Legacies

What a perfect time to have a march and rally on the nation’s mall commemorating the 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. We still need both jobs and freedom, and we still

Jun 13

The UAW and the Struggle for Social Justice

While many amongst us may grow weary in this time of economic crisis, political stagnation, and a resurgent radical right-wing movement bent on turning back the 20th century, we would all do well to

Jun 10

The Beloved Community.

Midnight tolls its chime I try to ignore it because I know I need the sleep Still the chime tolls and another Night of sleep is a night of sleep And roaming and writing and wanting And waiting for the

Jan 22

Happy Day

Waking this historic day in Atlanta The day our nation formally Inaugurates its first Black President for the Second time – hallelujah, hallelujah! Waking in the hotel I slept so many parts of Nights in his first history-making run Waking

Jan 18

The Lessons Today’s Organizers Can Learn from Dr. King

Today begins one of the most important weekends in American history. Over this three day weekend, our nation will inaugurate and celebrate the second term of our first African-American president – one of the

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