Stewart Acuff

May 30

1199 President Henry Nicholas to Kick Off Major Labor-Environmental-Community Forum

On Tuesday June 2nd, iconic 1199 President Henry Nicholas will kick off a major forum at the Electricians Local 98 Union Hall in Philly. The forum will include trade unionists, environmentalists, community activists, clergy, people

May 25

Reclaiming American Values and Truth

With summer coming it’s time for us all to start thinking about how working people and progressives can reclaim American traditions, values, and truth. We should all think about how to celebrate Independence Day and

May 22

Bernie is Running to Win

“Today, we learn that JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and other huge banks were fined $5 billion for rigging interest rates and manipulating currency exchanges. Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since

May 16

University Adjuncts, Walmart Associates

Something very disturbing and destructive to an active democracy is happening on the campuses of our colleges and universities. More and more of the teachers are not professors, but academics paid below the poverty

May 14

Bernie Sanders Wants to Make the Economy Work For the American People

American democracy is no longer just under attack, our democracy and the institutions that support it are being decimated right now. The Koch Brothers are giving Scott Walker of Wisconsin $400 million, because he

May 13

Mayoral candidate Anthony Hardy Williams promotes right-wing agenda through charter schools

By now, it should be apparent to all watching the Philadelphia Mayoral campaign that candidate Anthony Hardy Williams doesn’t believe in public schools. Instead, he believes in taking huge sums of money from the

May 11

The richest Member of Congress said America’s poor are the envy of the world

I read that America’s richest Member of Congress Said America’s poor are the envy of the world Issa is his name and he’s made an awful mess Of his work. Our poor can’t miss a step in

May 8

What is a Fair Wage?

 Written by Johanna Slivinske What is a fair wage? A fair wage is a baby’s diaper. A fair wage is gas money to church on Sunday. A fair wage is buying a bag of apples. A fair wage

May 7

Bernie for President!

Most of you know that Senator Bernie Sanders and I have been friends and cohorts in various worker struggles for over ten years. We first became friends when the Senator was a very early and

May 6

Philly’s mayoral race is a microcosm of movement across America

On May 19th, Philadelphia voters will elect their party candidates for all city offices. 1199, led by the legendary Henry Nicholas, AFSCME, and almost all of organized labor are pushing as hard as possible

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