Stewart Acuff

Mar 2

Inequality, the Fight in Philadelphia, 1199 and Henry Nicholas

Three of the most crucial policies to reduce inequality in America and restore a middle class economy are the right to vote, the right to form unions and bargain collectively, and the fight for

Feb 24

Workers Win at Walmart

In a surprising announcement last week, Walmart announced that they are raising the wages of half a million of their workers. This, after at least two decades of Walmart workers fighting for change at

Feb 23

2/20/2015: Acuff on Hartmann Discussing Right-wing Extremism

Here’s my 2.20.15 segment on Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture Rumble talking about right-wing extremism in America. (My segment starts at the 2 minute, 17 second

Feb 19

The Higher Wages Party

My very good friend John Case has a two hour progressive radio talk show on the Shepherdstown University station in Shepherdstown, WV. On the show, he talks about politics, poetry, art, the community, social

Feb 10

The Death of a Very Progressive Legend

Unless you’re a basketball fan, you may not have ever heard of Coach Dean Smith of the University of North Carolina Tarheels, but he was the most successful college coach of his time. He passed

Feb 6

Labor and Worker Pay in America

Economist David Cay Johnson just wrote a great article about shrinking wages for American workers. “This redistribution of national income away from labor and toward capital flows from policies initiated by President Ronald Reagan and

Feb 5

Wall Street and the Rest of Us

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich just had a great column on his blog about the relationship between Wall Street and the decimation of the American middle class — that once broad, deep, strong

Feb 4
Koch Brothers to spend $900 million in 2016 Presidential Election

Koch Brothers to spend $900 million in 2016 Presidential Election

The Koch Brothers have admitted they intend to spend almost $900 million in the 2016 election. The Kochs have made it clear that their guy is Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who famously assaulted

Feb 3

Democrats and Wall Street

“The House Democratic Party leadership made a remarkable step forward last week in putting out a proposal for a financial transactions tax (FTT). The proposal is part of a larger package which includes a

Feb 2

Top 1% will own 50% of world’s wealth by 2016

This will absolutely blow your mind. The global anti-hunger organization Oxfam says that the richest one percent in the world will probably control more than half of the world’s wealth within the next year. We

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