Stewart Acuff

Jan 30

How Billionaires Think We Should Live

For 20 years I’ve said the owner class in America, the financial elite think we workers live too well. They think we want too much for our children. They think we want too much

Jan 29

Republican Presidential Follies

The Republican presidential nomination comedies have already started. Jeb Bush went to Salt Lake City to meet with Mitt Romney, presumably to discuss or bargain directly about which would bear the mantle of the

Jan 28

Taking on Inequality

Finally, most people outside the one percent at the top are realizing that the vast gulf of inequality is very dangerous for our country and the world. It is destroying lives, families, and US

Jan 27


I watched Selma today with my kids. Every American should see it, particularly in this moment in American history where we need to be reminded just what the costs of the Voting Rights Act

Jan 22

Stop the TPP

It was ironic watching Robert Reich, now a reliable progressive, criticize the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) when 20 years ago he led the fight for The North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA). NAFTA cost 700,000 jobs

Jan 21

The State of the Union Speech

The President took on economic issues in the State of the Union speech, and finally stressed inequality in the country. While his policy initiatives were good as far as they went, the policies are

Jan 16

Truth From the Frontlines: 2014 Blog Compilation e-Book

2014 was a terrible year for the U.S. We tried to document it on my blog as we lived and worked in the difficult vineyards of it. America’s best living songwriter Si Kahn gave me

Jan 7

Inequality & “Elite Priorities”

As most of us know, income and wealth inequality are the most important issues in our country today. Squeezing working families out of the middle class 40 years of stagnant wages Anger in the streets Stolen pensions Unemployment All economic

Jan 6

Republican Racism Redux

We just wrote about Republican Congressional Leader Steve Scalise, who we just discovered spoke at a Klansman David Duke event in 2002 in Louisiana. Scalise has said he didn’t know he was speaking at

Dec 22

This is Movement Time

Multiple thousands of Americans have taken to the streets in angry protests against callous police murders of African-Americans in a growing movement to demand justice and safety. The protestors have been diverse. These protests have been

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