Stewart Acuff

Apr 11

The Minimum Wage and Women’s Wages

Thankfully the President is out on the stump and the Congressional Democrats have found their collective voice on the still critical issues of wages and inequality. There’s been lots of activity around the wage

Apr 10
Staggering Racial Segregation in NYC Schools

Staggering Racial Segregation in NYC Schools

The UCLA Civil Rights Project just released a report on racial and ethnic diversity in New York City schools. For those of us fighting for education justice and equality, the results were staggering and

Apr 9

GOP States are the Real Takers

Ben Hallman wrote on Huffington Post that some of the states that have embraced the extreme right-wing agenda against domestic government spending are those which get the most from federal spending. Contradicting the stupid

Apr 8

Big-money’s Takeover of Our Democracy

“The vast middle class and poor don’t have enough purchasing power as 95 percent of the economy’s gains go to the top one percent… some wealthy people and big corporations have a strangle-hold on

Apr 7

If it weren’t so sick and twisted it would be funny

One of our favorite scam artists, Newt Gingrich, is at it again. When in hell is the mainstream media going to realize he’s got nothing real to say? He’s long past any real political

Apr 7

The Constitution is Getting Shredded

It is a jarring morning. At the request of the Republican National Committee and it’s Chairman Reince Priebus, the Supreme Court of the United States sworn to uphold the Constitution just made a mockery of

Apr 7
Stewart Acuff

The demise of democracy

For a couple of years now I’ve been writing and speaking about the growing danger of losing American democracy to a plutocracy or oligarchy. In our country the words are interchangeable. Oligarchy means rule

Apr 7

NJ Governor Chris Christie Uses Public Funds in Cover-up

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie used taxpayer money to fund a cover-up of his bullying and reckless lane closures from Fort Lee, N.J. to the George Washington Bridge leading into New York City. As

Apr 7

Bloomberg: doubling the minimum wage doesn’t harm job growth

A new Bloomberg News report, which generally is thought of as a business and pro-business publication, shows that there is no increase in unemployment even if the minimum wage is doubled. The Seattle suburb of

Mar 24

Cuffed, goin’ to jail in Georgia

Watching old friends, real friends, soul friends Cuffed, goin’ to jail in Georgia For fighting for healthcare for the poor Just trying to get the politicians to take The Medicaid offered to the state and it’s poor Poor folks

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