Stewart Acuff

Aug 20

Mr. Brown

I wanted to share my new poem “Mr. Brown,” which was recently published on Political Affairs. “It captures the moment and reminds us of the history of struggle.” – Ben, Editor of Political Affairs Odd?

Aug 18

Racial Hatred and Death

Almost every country has some strain of hatred of another group or tribe or ethnicity. Those in power have long done all they could to keep average people divided. But we in America have an

Aug 12

Make Deadbeat Corporations Pay!

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman and other economists have been looking at a particularly ugly and cynical and UNPATRIOTIC corporate practice to avoid paying any American taxes. These are American corporations which make

Aug 8

Border Insanity

California suffers an unprecedented drought, and weather patterns are changing all over the world due to climate change, and the plutocracy wages a war on American workers worse than anything we’ve seen since before

Jul 30

Senator Bernie Sanders Raises the Roof in Philly

Perhaps the worst kept secret in America is that Sen. Sanders is thinking about running for President. Well, he sure sounded like someone who could be running for President, but he is certainly running for

Jul 29

Fast Food Workers Vote to Take Civil Disobedience Action

A convention of 1300 fast food workers just met outside Chicago, Illinois determined to lift their campaign for liveable wages of at least $15 from the minimum wages and poverty wages they make now. In

Jul 22

Henry Nicholas: Leavin’ Mississippi

The day the 17 year old Henry Nicholas decided to leave Mississippi the heat was a physical presence making every step an act of will, making each breath shallow. He had no place to

Jun 23

Unions Are Essential To Democracy

Excellent economist David Cay Johnston has just written a great article comparing inequality and the plight of working families coming out of the Great Depression to our era coming out of the Great Recession. “The 90

Jun 18

Just How Massive is CEO Pay?

Minimum wage workers are striking to double the minimum wage to $15 an hour and meanwhile we can’t get a vote in Congress on a very meager $10.10 minimum wage. We all know we

Jun 11

Twin Crises: Inequality & Climate Change

Just recently South African freedom fighter and faith leader Desmond Tutu called for a global boycott and disinvestment campaign against the energy industry. He is calling for an international effort to reduce global climate change

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