Stewart Acuff

Dec 15

CRomnibus: Elizabeth Warren is Fighting For Us

So it has come to this–the only way to fund the government is to give the banks, financial institutions, and rich donors everything they want. To keep the government running, the House and Senate

Oct 17

The Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Crisis

With a recklessness once unimaginable the radical right-wing Republicans closed the US government and threatened default on the nation’s debts. Were a private citizen to do as much harm to the people of the United

Oct 4

Telling the Truth About the Dysfunction of Congress

This week has shown the whole country that our Congress is completely dysfunctional. Some blame the hardening of ideologies and that is certainly true. Some blame Tom DeLay style Congressional district gerrymandering and that

Aug 16

How Embarrassing it is to be a Republican Today

Just when you thought the Teaparty-dominated Radical Right-wing Republican Party could not get any more ridiculous, inherited mega-rich Richie Rich from Archie’s comic books DONALD TRUMP announced last weekend that he is thinking of

Aug 8

It is Time to Fight to Raise the Minimum Wage

Wait! Before you say I’m crazy–Speaker Boehner and his merry band of Radical Right-wing Republicans will never bring a minimum wage increase to the Floor, much less pass it. There are strategic reasons to

Jan 8

We Take Care of Our Own!

It is 11 pm and I will be up at 5 to do a morning radio show at the Shepherdstown University radio station. I’m staying at the home of John Case, a retired union

Jan 3

Knife in the Back

“Knife in the back”… That’s the phrase the Republican Long Island Congressman Peter King said about Republican Speaker John Boehner and the Republican majority in the House of Representatives. It is “why the American people

Nov 29

The Bush Tax Cuts MUST EXPIRE, but NOT in Exchange for Cuts to Medicare or Medicaid!

We’ve heard from several of our readers that many of you are contacting the Congress to demand that there be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Many are forwarding the blogs to

Nov 14

PBTYA and San Francisco

I am so excited about the release of Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing as an e-book thanks to my friend and mentor Stephen Windwalker. Today you can get the e-book

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