Stewart Acuff

Mar 24

Cuffed, goin’ to jail in Georgia

Watching old friends, real friends, soul friends Cuffed, goin’ to jail in Georgia For fighting for healthcare for the poor Just trying to get the politicians to take The Medicaid offered to the state and it’s poor Poor folks

Dec 12

Colin Powell Endorses Single Payer Healthcare

One of America’s war heroes, General Colin Powell, has just endorsed single payer healthcare. “I don’t see why we can’t do what Europe is doing, what Canada is doing, what Korea is doing, what all

Oct 11

Once Again Workers are Forgotten Collateral Damage

I had the great pleasure of being with President Susan King of the Oregon Nurses Association and President Steve Rooney of the National Federation of Nurses when I spoke to the Convention of the

Oct 8

The Real Enemy is Plutocracy

On Oct 1st, the first day of sign up for Obamacare, millions of Americans signed up or at least attempted to sign up. I’ve heard reports of 2 million in New York state, 4

Oct 7

Welcome to the Colony

Right-wing politicians in service To plutocrats who would buy or steal Everything we made or built or bought With our debt or savings Those plutocratic right-wingers plot The demise of the American experiment And the destruction of democracy Or at least

Oct 4

Telling the Truth About the Dysfunction of Congress

This week has shown the whole country that our Congress is completely dysfunctional. Some blame the hardening of ideologies and that is certainly true. Some blame Tom DeLay style Congressional district gerrymandering and that

Oct 3

The Republicans Begin to Crack

Late on Oct 2nd, word leaked that during a Senate Republican caucus, Ted Cruz was blasted by his colleagues. Congressman Nunes of California (Republican) who was on CNN said there are 200 Republicans in the

Oct 3

May the Backstabbing Continue

Chris Wallace of Fox News said what is most interesting is not the divide between Democrats and Republicans, but the divide within the Republican Party. Wallace then referenced the public argument between Texas radical

Oct 2


In Washington, DC they debate healthcare as if the health and life of our people is just another political football to be tossed back and forth. Those who oppose national healthcare oppose it with a

Sep 30

Cruz Was For The Bill Before He Filibustered Against It

Texas Senator and Canadian native Ted Cruz was for the bill to defund Obamacare aka the Affordable Care Act before he filibusted — oops — faux-bustered against it. Cruz pulled his fake filibuster overnight Tuesday

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