Stewart Acuff

Sep 11

Paul Krugman on What is and What Could Have Been

Back in 2009 shortly after the financial meltdown and the crash of the real economy with subsequent unemployment, declining wages, and the working families’ Depression that has persisted to this day, Dr. Richard Levins

Aug 29

Nothing Like Validation from the Other Side

On page A2 The Wall Street Journal ran a story headlined “Stagnant Wages Are Crimping Economic Growth“– something Dr. Richards Levins and I wrote in Getting America Back to Work in 2010. To quote the

Aug 13

Krugman Debunks Right-wing Economics

Last week NY Times columnist, Nobel Prize winner, and Princeton University professor Paul Krugman published a very important article debunking the economic assertions of the Financial Elite and radical right-wing economists. Most importantly, Krugman wrote: “The recovery

Jul 29

President Obama Hits the Trail to Put Forward an Economic Vision

President Obama is finally rejecting the economic arguments of Radical Right-wing Republicans and strongly putting forward an economic agenda that we have long known we need to get out of the economic ditch. The

Jun 18

Exciting Midwestern Book Tour Coming in July

If you live in the Upper Midwest, please try to get in on my July book tour. I have a couple of gigs lined up in the Lansing area of Michigan and in Champaign,

May 28

America’s Crumbling Infrastructure

In this space, I have often over these past few years talked about the complementary needs to connect America’s crumbling infrastructure with the need for investment and for jobs. In the past few days, we

Feb 5

NYT Declares Need for “Forceful Labor Agenda”

This morning’s New York Times lead editorial is an endorsement of the policies we have been advocating in this space since the Wall St. meltdown and Great Recession. This editorial is a condensed version of

Dec 14

Economic Patriotism: Our Gov’t Needs to PUT US TO WORK!

With 35 years of stagnant wages, healthcare take-backs, and pension cuts, working families and the American economy are suffering. As economics professor Dr. Richard Levins and I write in our first book, Getting America

Dec 13

Our Battle for Freedom and Justice

The Rightwing Radicals of the Republican Party passed right-to-work in Michigan, home of the UAW and the first successful sitdown strike in Flint in our nation’s history. When that governor threatened to send in

Dec 7

Sheldon Adelson Being Held Accountable

Expenditures on this election totaled over $2 billion. Can you imagine what good we could do with that if it weren’t thrown away on 30 second cheesy tv ads? One good result is that

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