Stewart Acuff

May 15

Saving an America in Crisis

The 2014 campaigns for the US Congress and state governors, even state legislators, city council members and mayors have already begun. Even the Presidential campaign of 2016 has begun. In this critical moment in American

Sep 13

The Radical Right-wing: Let’s Starve Americans

Eric Cantor of the Radical Right-wing Republican Congressional Leadership has announced their intentions to starve more Americans in this economic crisis by imposing deep, deep cuts on the food stamp program, now called SNAP

Aug 15

We Need to Raise Hell!

The Radical Right-wing Republican House of Representatives has signaled their intention to double their cuts to the Food Stamp program potentially throwing 2.5 million more Americans off food stamps. Our minimum wage is $7.25 an

Jun 19

We Need A Food and Farm Bill, Not Just An Antiquated Farm Bill

Many of us know that in the last three or four decades major agribusiness corporations have taken over much of America’s farm land and production. Our nation’s traditional farm legislation was designed to protect and

Dec 4

There’s a Class Warfare, and We’re the Victims of it.

I came across this blog titled Some Statistics Related to Race and Class in America which is an excellent piece by Jeffrey Perry laying out exactly how terrible inequality is now in America, and

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