Stewart Acuff

Jan 9

These Radical Republicans have NO REGARD for Average Americans!

Rightwing Radical Republicans continue to look like the Three Stooges on steroids. Our President won decisively on the fiscal cliff debate and policy, but they also lost ugly. Yesterday’s polling showed the public liked the

Jan 2

NYE Deal: A Recap

Our work and the work of Americans like us paid off with a significant victory in the last two days in the resolution of the so-called fiscal cliff fight. The teabaggers and the rightwing Republican

Dec 21

We have an obligation to our Seniors and Vets

In Washington, they call them entitlements with a sneer, as if they wish President Roosevelt hadn’t pushed through Social Security and President Johnson hadn’t pushed through Medicare and Medicaid in the wake of President

Dec 21

“Do Not Balance Budget on the Backs of Disabled Veterans” -Sen. Bernie Sanders

If Speaker Boehner and the Republicans succeed in getting President Obama and Congressional Democrats to agree to cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, it will be one of the biggest examples of negotiating

Dec 20

Keep the Heat on your Senators and Representatives!

Something akin to bargaining or negotiating proceeds between the White House and John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives to avoid the fiscal cliff. Though, as in any real bargaining, it is impossible

Dec 7

Senator Jim DeMint Resigns

Hallelujah! Senator Jim DeMint, radical rightwing teabagger has resigned the US Senate to run the Heritage Foundation. It makes sense. His income will triple. The Heritage Foundation is that think tank in Washington that

Nov 30

The American People Demand No Cuts to Social. Security, Medicare, and Medicaid!

The movement we’ve been talking about is building, and Democrats better be listening. We are flooding Capitol phone lines with calls to demand that the Congress and the President protect Social Security, Medicare, and

Nov 28


I was on David Calef’s great radio show Inside Politics last night. CLICK HERE to listen to the segment. I missed my normal slot at 1:30 est on Charles Showalter’s show because of post-holiday

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