Stewart Acuff

Nov 6

We can’t and won’t quit

Layin’ in bed exhausted Tried to explain the loss of democracy Tonight on tv Clear to me My vote and yours not worth billions of dollars Plutocracy or oligarchy done cancelled us out We can’t and won’t quit, seen this

Nov 6

11/5/14: Acuff on Thom Hartmann

I was on Thom Hartmann’s great progressive show The Big Picture last night discussing the election results. Check out the video. My interview starts at the 16:07 minute

Nov 4


Today is Election Day. This is a day for all of us to get very busy and get our voters to the polls. This election will be won or lost on turnout so none of

Aug 21

The Stakes in November

Uwe Reinhardt, an economist at Princeton, has just written a great article comparing governors and state legislatures who have turned billions of dollars in Medicaid assistance and expansion to private sector CEOs and boards

May 15

Saving an America in Crisis

The 2014 campaigns for the US Congress and state governors, even state legislators, city council members and mayors have already begun. Even the Presidential campaign of 2016 has begun. In this critical moment in American

Aug 14

We Are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For

I received a thoughtful and long email recently from a left journalist who’s a been a longtime friend. She accused me of not being hard enough on President Obama, not holding him to account. She

Dec 3

Inequality as a Mass Issue

Seems to me that one of the most important issues in America today is inequality. Inequality is the umbrella over so many other critical issues and problems in America today: – Inequality is in large part

Nov 15

Organized Labor

Two days after its publication as an electronic book, Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing became the #1  FREE book in the LABOR category in the Kindle Store. We, of course,

Oct 26

Keep Pushing All the Way to Victory!

Some pundits wonder whether polls are affected by the Bradley Effect. Tom Bradley was the African-American who ran statewide in California whose polling was artificially high because so many white voters would not admit

Oct 1

Finish This Election Season With Urgency!!!

Do not rest on the polls. The Republicans stole the 2000 election. They stole the 2004 election. They will steal this election if we let them. What we all must do to win: – Talk to all

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