Stewart Acuff

Jun 3

Fighting Inequality

Two well known economists have recently written about the terrible income and wealth inequality. This inequality builds on itself, taking the wealth we create to only the very top of our society while our

Feb 19

Raising the Minimum Wage, Raising America

The Congressional Budget Office released it’s report yesterday on the anticipated effects of an increase in the minimum wage. 16.5 million people would get a much needed raise. “CBO also found that raising the

Feb 6

Global Inequality: What Can Be Done

Yesterday I discussed both global and domestic inequality, how inequality is growing, and where our country ranks in income and wealth inequality–extremely poorly. Borrowing again from Kathleen Geier‘s new article, but also relying on older

Nov 15

A New Vision of America

We progressives have much to do. It is not enough for us to stand aside and let the teabaggers destroy the radical right-wing Republican Party from within. We have values and principles we need to

Sep 19

Remembering The Best — and The Worst

Last week we commemorated two very different American historical moments. We remembered the awful Al Qaeda attacks on Sept 11th, 2001. Two days later we were reminded of the huge TARP bailout of Wall

Sep 11

Paul Krugman on What is and What Could Have Been

Back in 2009 shortly after the financial meltdown and the crash of the real economy with subsequent unemployment, declining wages, and the working families’ Depression that has persisted to this day, Dr. Richard Levins

Jul 31
Acuff on Thom Hartmann: Our government shouldn’t be ripping off students!Play

Acuff on Thom Hartmann: Our government shouldn’t be ripping off students!

Jul 29

President Obama Hits the Trail to Put Forward an Economic Vision

President Obama is finally rejecting the economic arguments of Radical Right-wing Republicans and strongly putting forward an economic agenda that we have long known we need to get out of the economic ditch. The

Jun 27

New Support for Infrastructure Work and Development

Monday night I was on David Calef’s great radio show Inside Politics when he shocked me with a new poll. Gallup, often thought of as a Conservative and Republican polling firm, had just come

Jun 4

New Evidence of Disastrous Economy for the Middle Class

New data shows that during the height of America’s depression-recession from 2007-2009, AMERICAN FAMILIES LOST $16 TRILLION. THAT IS MORE LOSS THAN ANYONE EVER REALIZED. EVEN WORSE, AMERICAN FAMILIES HAVE ONLY RECOVERED 45% OF THEIR

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