Stewart Acuff

Aug 2

Hillary Has Been Pushing TPP from the Start

No wonder Hillary Clinton didn’t want us to know about her secret emails and cables from her post as Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, Clinton pushed and praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but candidate

Oct 8

America: The Land of Corporate Freedom

I am so sick of listening to the lie that American corporations pay too much in taxes to make them competitive. Joshua Smith of the Economic Policy Institute just wrote a great piece about

Aug 27

Microsoft Stashes Billions Overseas to Avoid US Taxes

David Sirota is reporting on International Business Times that US technology giant Microsoft is stashing away $92 BILLION overseas to avoid US corporate taxes. This is a company that used American skill and talent and

Aug 12

Make Deadbeat Corporations Pay!

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman and other economists have been looking at a particularly ugly and cynical and UNPATRIOTIC corporate practice to avoid paying any American taxes. These are American corporations which make

Apr 8

Big-money’s Takeover of Our Democracy

“The vast middle class and poor don’t have enough purchasing power as 95 percent of the economy’s gains go to the top one percent… some wealthy people and big corporations have a strangle-hold on

Jan 29

My Son and Walmart

My 13 year old son lives with his sister and mother in Savannah. He’s a very athletic, brilliant, and courageous skateboarder (what some might call a skate punk) and a great rock’n roll drummer. Recently,

Dec 4

ALEC Faces Funding Crisis & possible Lobbying Violations

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) may be guilty of abusing its tax status, which has created even bigger problems. According to reporting in Britain’s Guardian newspaper ALEC has lost 400 state legislative members and

Jul 17

Walmart Sues Individual Activist for Standing Up for World’s Most Exploited Workers

The world’s largest and most oppressive corporation in the world, Walmart, has sued Gene Lantz (pictured below), a retired union activist, for standing up for the victims of Walmart, some of the most oppressed

Jun 20

The Odious Farm Bill

The odious Farm Bill working its way through Congress rewards wealthy agribusiness while taking food out of the mouths of children by cutting food stamps. This Bill also rewards sugar agribusiness and American Crystal,

Jun 19

We Need A Food and Farm Bill, Not Just An Antiquated Farm Bill

Many of us know that in the last three or four decades major agribusiness corporations have taken over much of America’s farm land and production. Our nation’s traditional farm legislation was designed to protect and

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