Stewart Acuff

Jan 2

NYE Deal: A Recap

Our work and the work of Americans like us paid off with a significant victory in the last two days in the resolution of the so-called fiscal cliff fight. The teabaggers and the rightwing Republican

Dec 21

“Do Not Balance Budget on the Backs of Disabled Veterans” -Sen. Bernie Sanders

If Speaker Boehner and the Republicans succeed in getting President Obama and Congressional Democrats to agree to cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, it will be one of the biggest examples of negotiating

Dec 20

Keep the Heat on your Senators and Representatives!

Something akin to bargaining or negotiating proceeds between the White House and John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives to avoid the fiscal cliff. Though, as in any real bargaining, it is impossible

Dec 19

The Radical Rightwing are Holding Us Hostage to Get What They Want

As we continue to process and wrap our arms around the Newtown massacre, and consider the policies we need to stop mass killings and the flood of automatic and semi-automatic military style weapons, etc.

Dec 10

Reducing Inequality

Newt Gingrich on Meet The Press said that the weakened Republican Party is incapable of winning against Hilary Clinton in 2016. It is certainly true that the Republican Party is now in disarray and rudderless

Dec 4

There’s a Class Warfare, and We’re the Victims of it.

I came across this blog titled Some Statistics Related to Race and Class in America which is an excellent piece by Jeffrey Perry laying out exactly how terrible inequality is now in America, and

Nov 29

The Bush Tax Cuts MUST EXPIRE, but NOT in Exchange for Cuts to Medicare or Medicaid!

We’ve heard from several of our readers that many of you are contacting the Congress to demand that there be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid. Many are forwarding the blogs to

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