Stewart Acuff

May 23

Bernie Sanders is for AMERICA

I’m fixing to deal with some grown up truth right now and I’d appreciate it if you’d hear me out. Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders is my friend and my candidate for President of the United States. Even

May 22

Bernie is Running to Win

“Today, we learn that JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and other huge banks were fined $5 billion for rigging interest rates and manipulating currency exchanges. Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Since

May 18

Senator Bernie Sanders and 17 Colleagues Urge Obama to Lift Wages

President Obama has been stymied by radical right-wing Republicans in the effort to raise the minimum wage. Of course, the $10 amount is not enough. We need the minimum wage to be doubled at

May 14

Bernie Sanders Wants to Make the Economy Work For the American People

American democracy is no longer just under attack, our democracy and the institutions that support it are being decimated right now. The Koch Brothers are giving Scott Walker of Wisconsin $400 million, because he

May 7

Bernie for President!

Most of you know that Senator Bernie Sanders and I have been friends and cohorts in various worker struggles for over ten years. We first became friends when the Senator was a very early and

May 6
Bernie Sanders is gonna run for President

Bernie Sanders is gonna run for President

They say Bernie Sanders is gonna run for President Press says he can’t win, he a socialist But folks are awful mad with all the rules the others bent Or really broke to get it all for

Apr 30

Senator Bernie Sanders is running for President

“I am running for president. I intend to stand up and fight for working families all over the country.” -Bernie Sanders My friend and one of my heroes, Bernie Sanders, is running for President of

Apr 20
Acuff on Thom Hartmann: Can Another Democrat Beat Hillary?Play

Acuff on Thom Hartmann: Can Another Democrat Beat Hillary?

I just went on Thom Hartmann’s show to discuss Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Check out the

Mar 24

Bernie Blasts Away at Republican Budget

In his new role as minority leader on the Senate budget committee, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont is blasting away at the Senate’s budget, which came from the radical right-wing Republican majority. Bernie issued a

Mar 6
Kicking Ass for the Middle Class

Kicking Ass for the Middle Class

My friend Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, most labor union rank and file activists, and most of you reading this are right. If we work as hard as it takes to get a

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