Stewart Acuff

May 18

Senator Bernie Sanders and 17 Colleagues Urge Obama to Lift Wages

President Obama has been stymied by radical right-wing Republicans in the effort to raise the minimum wage. Of course, the $10 amount is not enough. We need the minimum wage to be doubled at

Mar 11

Obama Blasts Scott Walker for Signing Anti-Union Right to Work for less bill

We know right to work is bad for workers. The 11 bottom states in wages in America are right to work states. When we were trying to stop right to work in Oklahoma, we

Mar 10

The Commemoration in Selma

Watching America’s first Black President with Congressman John Lewis together in Selma was a testament to the honor and ultimate victory of struggle. Lewis is the single living American who did the most for

Dec 2

Immigration Reform: Compassion is Winning The Fight

For years we’ve been lectured by the radical right-wing on family values–their family values–who we can and should love, how we can and should love, how we should punish our children, how marriage should

Sep 9

Labor Radio First Thing in the Morning

It is 6:55 am and I’m in the studio of the radio station in Shepherdstown, WV. Now I’m listening to Elmore James do one of America’s best blues songs “Dust My Broom.” Now it

Sep 3

The New Leaders

The numbers run the wrong way Everyday the gap between soul defeating Misery and abundance beyond Imagination widens and our People lose hope waiting We wait instead act, our feet nailed down We look for leaders blame Obama But now Glory

Aug 14

We Are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For

I received a thoughtful and long email recently from a left journalist who’s a been a longtime friend. She accused me of not being hard enough on President Obama, not holding him to account. She

Aug 1

Poverty and Inequality

President Obama has quite rightly pivoted from talking just about the national economic ditch and growth to now about poverty and massive inequality. Just a few weeks ago, we reported that 7% of the people

Jul 25

Thanks to Trayvon, There’s a Stirring in the Land

I’m beginning to feel a stirring in our land and country. There is energy building to combat all that the Radical Right-wing Republicans are doing to us. Actions are heating up and beginning to spread. Trayvon

Jul 24

The Persistent Cancer of Racism in America

Last Friday, President Obama made an extraordinary, unannounced, unscripted, un-teleprompted speech about the Trayvon Martin murder and race in America. As Rev. Jesse Jackson said to me after Candidate Obama’s Philadelphia speech in 2008, “It

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