Stewart Acuff

May 30

1199 President Henry Nicholas to Kick Off Major Labor-Environmental-Community Forum

On Tuesday June 2nd, iconic 1199 President Henry Nicholas will kick off a major forum at the Electricians Local 98 Union Hall in Philly. The forum will include trade unionists, environmentalists, community activists, clergy, people

Sep 5
Thom Hartmann and Labor DayPlay

Thom Hartmann and Labor Day

Tuesday night we commemorated Labor Day on Thom Hartmann’s great national tv show. I write commemorate because we in the labor movement have damn little to celebrate this year. Thom’s Labor Day show was The

Aug 5

President Obama and Jobs

Last Wednesday President Obama was in Chattanooga, Tennessee to talk about jobs and inequality at an Amazon warehouse. It was part of his Jobs and Economy Tour. In his speech in Chattanooga, the President said

Jun 27

New Support for Infrastructure Work and Development

Monday night I was on David Calef’s great radio show Inside Politics when he shocked me with a new poll. Gallup, often thought of as a Conservative and Republican polling firm, had just come

Feb 5

NYT Declares Need for “Forceful Labor Agenda”

This morning’s New York Times lead editorial is an endorsement of the policies we have been advocating in this space since the Wall St. meltdown and Great Recession. This editorial is a condensed version of

Apr 11

Obama Visits Union Apprenticeship Training For Good Jobs Today

As I write this, President Obama is visiting a union apprenticeship facility to see firsthand union training for green jobs. Last week Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis told Utility Workers Union President Mike Langford that

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