Stewart Acuff

Jun 17

Iraq: Sow a wind, reap a whirlwind

We just now are reaping a whirlwind in Iraq and across the Middle East. Awful sectarian and religious war has broken out in Iraq. A war that we started with our invasion of Iraq under George Bush–a war of choice that America had no stake in.

Iraq has broken into full scale religious and sectarian war. And we have American commentators now arguing that America should re-engage in a civil war that we have no business in. The Guardian is reporting that, “[t]he Obama administration has ordered the urgent deployment of several hundred armed troops in and around Iraq.”

We cannot fix the world.

The best we can do is to be a voice and presence for peace and reconciliation. Unfortunately we have war mongers like John McCain and the like leading our country, with McCain saying we need to, “get…over there as quickly as possible… The place is burning down.”

Even the idea of putting troops back into Iraq or flying bombing missions back over Iraq is horrifying and abhorrent.

One must ask, why America has been so sanguine or quiet about the sectarian fights in Africa? I was in Sierra Leone in 1996 during an attempted election with no serious foreign forces. My team was rescued by contractors. What about The Sudan? Or Nigeria? Or Rwanda?

I’m not arguing for more military adventurism, but for honesty. There are wars we can’t fix.

War is always horrible.

Photo: A soldier carries a wounded Iraqi child into the Charlie Medical Centre at Camp Ramadi, Iraq (March 20, 2007), public domain image.

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