Stewart Acuff

Mar 15

Protect The Big Three!

The radical rightwinger Paul Ryan has submitted his budget. 60% of his cuts come from healthcare for the poor. Did you ever notice that any of former Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s budgets attack the poor?

Ryan would privatize Medicare and Social Security and give the responsibility for Medicaid to the states.

If inequality is the issue, which it is, it is essential that we protect the so-called Big Three – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Both sides are focused way too much on cuts. As we’ve said, now is the time to invest in America and our people. Spending money to grow the public sector employment and opening up those middle class jobs is critical right now.

Public sector employment has been the entry for so many Workers of Color and Women. It is insane now, when we need middle class growth to grow demand for any government, to reduce public sector employment.

We know there will be a time to cut the debt and deficit, but that time is not now.

WE ARE LETTING RADICAL TEABAGGERS set the terms of public discussion and define the needs of the economy.

If we don’t change the terms and turf of this debate we will long regret what we did or did not do.

It is long term incredibly destructive if a Democratic President and Democratic Senate and Democrats in the House of Representatives agree to cuts in the Big Three.

We must preserve the gains of both the New Deal and what is left of the huge gains of 1964 and 1965.

Please call your Members of Congress AGAIN and say NO to cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Call 202-224-3121.

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Stewart Acuff is the former organizing Director of the AFL-CIO. Acuff has also written two books: Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing, and Getting America Back to Work.

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