Stewart Acuff

Apr 29

PBTYA is #1!

I’m so excited right now! My book, Playing Bigger Than You Are: A Life in Organizing became #1 last week in the Labor & Industrial Relations category of the Kindle store!

That is simply amazing and so very exciting.

But it gets better. While PBTYA was shooting to the top of Amazon, my mini e-book, 18 Essential Qualities That Every Organizer Must Have has been downloaded for free by thousands of trade unionists, organizers of all stripes, and progressives.

We know unions and other progressive organizations are using these books for training, and organizers are individually using these books to become better organizers.

But I’m also using these books as source books for training.

That gives you and your local union or district council or national or state fed or central labor council or community group or any progressive organization a unique opportunity.

You can bring in the author, the most experienced organizer, to train from the books he’s written and the organizer trainees can take home their own books to refer to as they face the challenges every organizer faces.

That is no small thing. And it’s an opportunity almost too good not to take.

It is Saturday morning as I write this. I had a blast last night with my old, dear friend from Atlanta Ed Martin raising money for the community radio station KDVS in Davis, California.

We talked, laughed, and raised money for their awesome station. Two of the premiums they gave away for donations were my books. It was a wonderful half hour.

You know, we progressives just haven’t used radio as much as we should. With all the awful hate-filled radical right-wing anti-people, anti-science crap on the radio, we just aren’t doing a good job of countering it. That’s why I support and try to help raise money for WFRN LIVE, a news radio national outlet for news about workers and unions. They cover the news we care about.

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