Stewart Acuff

  • Si Kahn’s 70th Birthday!

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    I’ve been friends with Si Kahn since 1980 when we were both involved with the early years of Citizen Action. He’s a dear friend. He’s a great musician and one of the best songwriters

  • Hidden cameras catch ALEC lobbyists

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    I love this local news clip that exposes ALEC for exactly what it is — a shady, corrupt front for the radical right-wing that writes and tries to pass the most dangerous democracy-destructive legislation

  • The Holiest of Days

    The Holiest of Days

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    This Easter morning For some of us the Holiest of Days My heart filled with joy and gratitude, but My soul wails its fierce fear and undeniable desire To realize with all and for all The promises of our

  • Really Good Federal Budget Ideas

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    Just as anti-democratic Ayn Rand acolyte Republican Paul Ryan released his proposed federal budget, the Congressional Progressive Caucus came forward with their proposed budget. The Progressive Caucus’ Budget is not only full of very

  • Fracking Causes Minor Earthquakes in Ohio

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    Julie Carr Smyth of the Associated Press has reported that geologists have linked five small earthquakes in the Ohio foothills of the Appalachian Mountains to fracking or hydraulic fracturing, the process of forcing water

Oct 29

What if We Stood Up

What if the American people decided to reclaim their democracy Re-ignite their freedom Not all of us for sure, jeez There will always be some American tories And some who just got to see someone enslaved Our history will

Oct 3

All of Us

Written by Stewart Acuff Still stinging tonight about Scott Brown and His dismissal of the heritage and the lives of The family of Elizabeth Warren and their Cultures mixed as they were like so many Of the rest of

Oct 2

Hearts Can Be Funny

My heart is funny, odd So lonesome, sad ‘Til I spilt it all out in a not memorable verse I remembered a houseful of two A daddy this, a daddy that and the Lonesome

Oct 2

House is Empty

The tv is oddly free No talk of football or what kids want to see No one complains about supper of baloney No demand for pizza or macaroni Too quiet here tonight, old man ain’t used to No drums,

Sep 25


Written by Stewart Acuff Righteousness Working tonight on The Word using the The Bible to show God is Love And that Jesus the Carpenter reserved The biggest part of his heart for the poor, The alien – legal – or

Sep 21

Memphis Bus

Written by Stewart Acuff Once a long time ago When I traveled either by bus or Hitchhiking I took a bus from Memphis to St. Louis. What ought to be a six hour ride took nine It was the local

Sep 21

Worried Blues

Written by Stewart Acuff Worried about the house, the paycheck, the next gig Then my kids come home from school in this tropical heat in South Georgia Son wants to play basketball in this late summer heat So

Sep 21


Written by Stewart Acuff Rollin’ down through the southern Blue Ridge Through the valleys now between Tennessee and the Carolinas Mountains ahead, behind, each side Piercing clouds, why others called them Smoky Our people planted these valleys and harvested

Sep 21

Time is stuck

Written by Stewart Acuff Writing and writing and reading for Inspiration. Time is stuck It wants to move God knows I want the hour hand to catch the Speed of the minute hand if not the second hand Now I remember

Sep 21


Written by Stewart Acuff Our hearts hard and heavy Contemplating the hatred That killed 12 of us, hurting scores more We weep in our prayers on our knees For our sisters and brothers and their families We weep for our