Stewart Acuff

Jan 1

Late at Night

Sometimes late when sleep is held at bay All those memories come to play You know, they’re never far When a chance comes the night to mar And the memories reopen the breaks in the Heart unhealed and time

Dec 19


Leaving New York City the train Follows the Hudson into the Adirondacks Majestic in the cold December air Rising above the river mountain stacks Into the sky, they drain Their water, snow, moisture back to river Now its little cities

Dec 18

Compassion in this Season

Whatever happened to compassion? Not just love for your family Or affection for your friends But compassion for all, love for creation? All creation. All that God put here To live together supposedly in harmony? ‘Tis the season as they

Dec 18

Short Ode to Memphis

Watchin’ a Tennessee band record at Sun, That’s Sun Studio in Memphis where a Boy named Elvis laid some shit down to stun The whole world and boys like Jerry Lee and Others with Elvis made music that

Dec 10

The Patriots Push On

Working my way back home from another Trip trying to say we can do this It doesn’t have to be this way, other Ways are possible. We don’t have to miss What is right and fair, and what

Dec 7

Christmastime at the Beach

Written by Stewart Acuff Gray, green waves rolling steadily into The sandy beach punctuated with rocks The sun and clouds play a child’s games Of peek-a-boo and hide-n-seek While the wind cold and steady makes The fire a natural blessing

Nov 21

Alabama Limousines

Alabama Limousines filled with Republicans from Roll Tide land Fixin’ to roll to our state and Your state to tell you why They’re for Romney and Ryan And Ayn Rand the atheist with whom Paul and Mitt will still stand Some

Oct 29

What if We Stood Up

What if the American people decided to reclaim their democracy Re-ignite their freedom Not all of us for sure, jeez There will always be some American tories And some who just got to see someone enslaved Our history will

Oct 3

All of Us

Written by Stewart Acuff Still stinging tonight about Scott Brown and His dismissal of the heritage and the lives of The family of Elizabeth Warren and their Cultures mixed as they were like so many Of the rest of

Oct 2

Hearts Can Be Funny

My heart is funny, odd So lonesome, sad ‘Til I spilt it all out in a not memorable verse I remembered a houseful of two A daddy this, a daddy that and the Lonesome