Stewart Acuff

  • Black Lives Matter

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    We have multiple racial, social, economic and moral crises in America today. We must not blame young African-Americans for expressing outrage over weekly killings of other African-Americans. We all should be outraged and demanding attention to

  • July 29th: Bernie’s Historic Grassroots Organizing Event

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    The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign truly is a Grassroots Phenomenon. Bernie is running the first truly grassroots presidential campaign in a century of American history. Bernie is running for us! Bernie is running to make our

  • Why I’m Working Hard For Bernie

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    There are a lot of great reasons that I’m working as hard as I can for Bernie Sanders. But the two most important reasons I’m committed to Bernie are named Samuel Martin Acuff and Sydney

  • Poverty is growing and democracy is dying

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    The Pope is right. Unfettered and unrestrained greed and market “magic” and capitalism have failed the world. The recent column from David Brooks about the Pope’s new Papal Encyclical is arrogant and intellectually dishonest. For

  • Bernie Sanders CAN Be President

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    If you believe Senator Bernie Sanders: has the best ideas has values that connect to yours cares about you and your family has proved his integrity over a lifetime of public service then you have a responsibility to speak

Aug 29


Too awfully rare that we acknowledge and Express gratitude. You gotta notice and feel the tiny things, The everyday things, the unexpected smile. The cool of the morning in August after a Nighttime rain. Gratitude for the one person touched By

Aug 29

Fox News

Waiting in the Green Room at Fox News Knowing that the interview will be a Verbal brawl Not an interview at all They will lie, bully and yell I will smile broadly as I raise my voice to tell What

Aug 29

600 Miles

600 mile drive yesterday To see the kids and stay A few days, maybe go to the beach Try to — without success —  satisfy An old man’s massive love For the kids he loves beyond love Who taught him

Aug 29

The Dry Well

When I was a little boy After TVA and rural electification But before indoor plumbing There was an outhouse and a well. And a pump, water pail and Long-handled dipper at The kitchen sink We all drank out of the pail

Aug 29

Tonight’s Air

Tonight’s air announces late summer Its gentle, soothing coolness Signals the coming end to Summer’s sun with its fun And days of concrete heat and Sticky asphalt melting The air this night fresh even in This place full of heat trapped Released

Aug 29

Restless, Ramblin’

Late summer cooling rain morning Another start on this endless road This time to Tennessee and Texas Familiar track in my blood Virginia down through fenceless and Undeeded Blue Ridge Mountains and Valleys to East Tennessee Smoky Mountains across to the Swamps

Aug 29

Love is a mystery…

Love is a mystery It visits us sometimes When we don’t expect When we’re looking the other way Love comes when it is ready Connects us in its own way Even on a dance floor or at a memorial Or just

Jun 27

The dark hearts of America

My kids were with me on the radio We finished the trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains with John’s Radio show in West Virginia. My son wrote the song playlist and They both talked about school and Their lives In between

Jun 18

Peace to you…

Cotton ball clouds In a turquoise sky Soft breeze after the storms Storms come for all of us But after the storm comes the sweet peace Peace to you this blessed day.   © Creative Commons Copyright 2013 *If you wish to share

Jun 18

The fox, the coon, and the deer

The rain falls gently this easy morning And I lie half asleep Listening to the soft rain on the leaves Of the wonderful four old growth trees That bless my backyard and me They have conspired to bring The fox,