Stewart Acuff

Jun 18

Peace to you…

Cotton ball clouds In a turquoise sky Soft breeze after the storms Storms come for all of us But after the storm comes the sweet peace Peace to you this blessed day.   © Creative Commons Copyright 2013 *If you wish to share

Jun 18

The fox, the coon, and the deer

The rain falls gently this easy morning And I lie half asleep Listening to the soft rain on the leaves Of the wonderful four old growth trees That bless my backyard and me They have conspired to bring The fox,

Jun 10

The gentle rain

The gentle rain made love all day To the thirsty and open earth The rain caressed all the tender folds Fertilizing the earth for summer And its flowers exploding blossoms In ecstasy of life and joy and satiation.   © Creative

Jun 10

The Beloved Community.

Midnight tolls its chime I try to ignore it because I know I need the sleep Still the chime tolls and another Night of sleep is a night of sleep And roaming and writing and wanting And waiting for the

Jun 4

Always seems to melt away

Always seems to melt away Or slam the door No one to blame Except maybe me Don’t know if I can fall that way again It ain’t about a harder heart Or even a heavier soul It’s just that I’ve been

Jun 4

The Traveler

The traveler boards yet another plane This time to cross the continent As always he boards with her On his mind, in his heart Filling all he is With desire and wanting Wanting beyond desire? Desire beyond wanting? It is the cost

May 28

As dawn breaks

Light breaks this very early morning Wind rocks the tree limbs Day won’t be still nor quiet I’ve watched and waited For the coming of day So much to do today Thinking and struggling about all I must do, all there

May 23

Nights like this

Sometime between day and night Sleep visited here for a moment, but Hurried on for some reason Someone else close was ready for sleep Too much to think about with you So far from me How are you? When will I

May 23

The early, early birds are chirping

The early, early birds are chirping In the very first part of The pre-dawn morning There is an order you see To the coming of day We have alarms and buzzers And all sorts of things built to Wake us to

May 23

Roll on, man.

Lord have mercy, man You’ll be ridin’ these roads Till God calls you home Don’t ya know Crossroads ain’t gonna let you go Just like Gregg Allman sang A back-end full of books And dirty clothes A head full of ideas and A