Stewart Acuff

  • We are Sick of the Loss of Democracy

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    As an aging father I know for me there is nothing more important than taking care of my kids and giving them the best life possible. That does not include wealth. It does include

  • Ferguson, Missouri and Killing Trayvons

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    The grand jury in St. Louis County refused to return an indictment on police officer Darren Wilson, who killed the African-American young man Michael Brown. The original offense by young Brown was walking in the

  • Don Blankenship Indicted

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    I am so excited, even ecstatic to read that a federal grand jury has indicted Don Blankenship, the CEO of Massey Energy, in the coal mining disaster that killed 29 miners in the Upper

  • Obama Acts Boldly

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    President Obama acted boldly, using executive authority to help keep immigrant families together, stop fear in families of being split apart, and to create a humane and rational immigration system. President Obama’s action does not

  • New Documentary About Organizing and Mobilizing Farm Workers

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    My great friends at the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, including Greg¬†Asbed, who’ve been organizing farm workers in South Florida just released a documentary called “Food Chains.” The doc exposes the poverty and suffering of

Apr 16

Mississippi Woman

Thinking of home as I think of you Remembering those “long” trips into Arkansas when we were just Sposed to be ridin’ around in Malden on 22 cents a gallon gas All those small town adventures and Pretty girls who

Apr 16


We talked across the table About the Mississippi River and its Delta And barbecue and what we’ve done with Our lives so long and so far from That Mississippi and the lands that Drained its rain runoff into it And

Apr 16

Soft Spring Rain

Waking here in this gentle place Made even more gentle by soft rain, Soft spring rain that slows everything Everything except the busy mockingbirds Their songs beautiful in the rain but Oh so serious to them as they claim Their

Apr 16

Sunday at the Beach

Sunday morning in springtime at The Beach Is there any better time At any better place Listening to my mockingbird friend So anxious to find a mate To bring to his turf to make babies with. There is no air cleaner

Apr 2

Mr. LaPierre

What is Newtown to you? A place on a map? A quiet little New England town? Or is it the place where our obsessions With guns manifested itself? Do you think about the 26 innocents killed there Because you and your

Mar 11
The Stealth Poor

The Stealth Poor

There’s a huge, deep holler Now between the rich and the rest of us You know a holler – biggest ever Place between mountains of wealth And mountains of suffering and poverty More of us becoming the stealth Poor. We

Mar 7


Leavin you is harder every time I do it Your giving and accepting I give up only Because I have to. The way we fit Is rarely found and chases the lonely Blues back to a place I

Mar 6


They hold up their charts Mornin’, noon, and night And those charts no matter What they are supposed to Show, also show how much Money the rich are taking from The work of our hands, minds, and hearts The rich will

Feb 25

I am Black, Red, and White

Written by Stewart Acuff I think I forgot to tell you I am black, red, and white That my lips are thick and full That my hair, when I had it, was kinky That my skin was always

Feb 20

Struggle and Peace

We struggle as we rightly should For a time and world when People of love and compassion Are encouraged When justice is for all When we can see if not experience The Beloved Community. It is a consuming struggle Demanding our time