Stewart Acuff

  • Black Lives Matter

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    We have multiple racial, social, economic and moral crises in America today. We must not blame young African-Americans for expressing outrage over weekly killings of other African-Americans. We all should be outraged and demanding attention to

  • July 29th: Bernie’s Historic Grassroots Organizing Event

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    The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign truly is a Grassroots Phenomenon. Bernie is running the first truly grassroots presidential campaign in a century of American history. Bernie is running for us! Bernie is running to make our

  • Why I’m Working Hard For Bernie

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    There are a lot of great reasons that I’m working as hard as I can for Bernie Sanders. But the two most important reasons I’m committed to Bernie are named Samuel Martin Acuff and Sydney

  • Poverty is growing and democracy is dying

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    The Pope is right. Unfettered and unrestrained greed and market “magic” and capitalism have failed the world. The recent column from David Brooks about the Pope’s new Papal Encyclical is arrogant and intellectually dishonest. For

  • Bernie Sanders CAN Be President

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    If you believe Senator Bernie Sanders: has the best ideas has values that connect to yours cares about you and your family has proved his integrity over a lifetime of public service then you have a responsibility to speak

Sep 17

Nature Refuses to Yield

The furnace of a sun Edges its way over the Eastern horizon For the last time this summer Summer’s heat will break today Cool days and cooler nights Invite play Ask us outside, walk in the evening Open windows breeze across Our

Aug 29

Granpa’s house

The rain drips and falls sweetly On this land too dry and air too hot Reminding me of the sweet sound of rain On a hot tin roof in the days before air conditioning The farmers and old

Aug 29


Hopin’ this old truck and me can keep on Kids and gigs and you Done run out of air fare Always goin’ somewhere Never quite there Born with tramp and gypsy in me Don’t mean every night without The kids and

Aug 29

At dusk and dawn

Skies have darkened My still country nose smells rain comin’ It’s quiet and nice in this old house With its fox and deer and coon Living close with me in the back The deer help a lot with the

Aug 29

Basketball and Politics

A long time ago, at least a coupla Lifetimes ago We had basketball game in Georgia Organized at the State Capitol Played at a state facility The do-gooders as the Speaker said Including me versus the legislators, Their aides and their

Aug 29

When the heat dropped with the sun

The wild black-eyed susans In my yard reach for the scorching sun in This climate changed 100 degree July I didn’t plant the strong wild flowers I don’t tend them, but I don’t try to Replace them with more

Aug 29

Gray turns to pink

Gray turns to pink In this dawn of the road — again. Headed for Chicago this time Sunday on its way And I roll Peace visits restin’ this soul That too often S’posed to be on this road rollin’ A bag of

Aug 29


Ancient mists hang on These ancient Maryland mountains Softening even more these Gentle places of refuge They welcome the traveler this dawn As they have so many others Over the eons Elk once whistled and called A bull to his cows Panthers screamed

Aug 29

On Unemployment

I wake when I do Three or four, five or six How am I gonna keep my kids’ home? When is the next payment due? How do I avoid the frightening foreclosure Notice? What do I do? What do I

Aug 29

Sleep comes on its own schedule.

Sleep comes on its own schedule Pays no mind to when the alarm is set Or when you went to bed, How tired you are Sleep brings the peace of surrender You’ve done enough this day. Collapse feel the peace