Stewart Acuff

Mar 26

Macaroni and Cheese

Proud to say this poem was recently published on Political Affairs. Everyday I ride the early trolley With kids going to school. Adults going to the first early Or even second job already ‘Cause folks work when they can,

Mar 20


My new poem Rain was just run in Political Affairs. Beautiful in its gray radiance of life Satisfying the thirst for growth Bringing renewal and a freshness Washing the gritty city The rain falls today gently, sweetly The sun will

Mar 13

Ridin’ this road

This new poem was recently published in Blue Collar Review. Drivin’ this road with my son Sam Across South Georgia The deepest Deep South Once to every little town where workers might want a union Ridin’ this road I

Mar 4

Gray Winter Dawn

The first gray light of winter dawn Makes the spare bare trees and their limbs The highlight of early morning It won’t be so long As the sun fills our world, even if clouded Many other features will stand

Mar 3


It is no longer just cold The cold is a physical presence, A being that fights to determine, even direct What you do today, what shape your day takes The cold has climbed inside you Making everything except seeking

Feb 11


Now that the years have accumulated And my body tells on itself over and over I try to return to the days when life was hard, but I was harder I remember a river in Florida crystal

Feb 3

Democrats and Wall Street

“The House Democratic Party leadership made a remarkable step forward last week in putting out a proposal for a financial transactions tax (FTT). The proposal is part of a larger package which includes a

Jan 15
Seein’ The Hope

Seein’ The Hope

Wandering through the maze like corridors of a giant institution Built to relieve if not heal sick and dying poor people Talking to those used to, accustomed, to the poverty of the patients Those who do the

Jan 9

Dawn breaks late

Up at these tiny hours of early morning Dawn breaks late You welcome the day starting Way before night ends and begins her sleep Beneath the quilted blanket of warmth That is the sun In these hours the mind Moseys lazily

Jan 5

The Sun Way Yon

The ridge across the River way yon Still bathed brightly by a fast falling sun While we head up yet another hill In the cold shade of this ridge These walks or hikes now a test of will For