Stewart Acuff

Dec 23

The Blues at Christmas

The ol truck broke down today Dec 20, five days till Christmas The bank account won’t cover it And I got no way To see the kids at Christmas There is sumthin’ worse than Being alone at Christmas It’s being poor

Dec 9

West Philly at 4 am

Gotta get to the all night gas station For coffee at 4 in the morning In my West Philly neighborhood Sometimes I wish for an all night diner But then they wouldn’t let some Of the 4 am gas

Nov 4

Fightin’ this Fight

In my country ’tis of thee Today’s Klansmen we see Without hoods or crosses Only polo shirts and khakis Representing the Republican Party Talking about black people who want Government to give them everything And why should they be able to

Oct 22

A Piece of Himself

Without my knowing Sam left his picture on the seat Of my old truck last night As I took him and his sister Syd To the airport to fly back to Savannah I cried all over again on finding

Oct 21

We Struggle

We struggle that the voices of all are heard Against the awful cacophony of the few We struggle that our children and Grandchildren not live desperate lives We struggle that workers take home What they earn, not just leftover

Oct 16

Brand New Just Published Poem — In the Tiny Hours

I’m very pleased that the following poem In the Tiny Hours has just been published by a great working class poetry journal called Blue Collar Review. They’ve published several of my poems. Every issue

Oct 9

The Fight in America

Craven, crass servants of plutocrats Using pathetic, scattered, fake patriots Tea partiers they claim In as many different organizations As the Klan once had Imperial Wizards They parade on tv to stop America And deny a birthright of healthcare To our

Sep 23

Poem for Syd and Sam

Syd’s in the kitchen makin’ supper “Nothing will be perfect,” she says, “Because I’m 11.” It’ll be great, the old man says. Sam’s in the other room playin’ On facebook. You know they play on that now. Syd says her mashed

Sep 17

Nature Refuses to Yield

The furnace of a sun Edges its way over the Eastern horizon For the last time this summer Summer’s heat will break today Cool days and cooler nights Invite play Ask us outside, walk in the evening Open windows breeze across Our

Aug 29

Granpa’s house

The rain drips and falls sweetly On this land too dry and air too hot Reminding me of the sweet sound of rain On a hot tin roof in the days before air conditioning The farmers and old